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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

Microwave Warfare

If anyone want to learn more about the form of terrorism that I have been talking about. Please go to this website and learn more about the Weapon Eric S. Phillips stole from the United States Navy. . What I have been reporting to the law and to the United States Government is true. Everyone in the State of Alabama needs to learn as much as they can about this type of training Eric Phillips was trained in. We have to protest ourselves from this form of Terrorism. Remember what I have been telling everyone about is true so help me God. (Stay Safe)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

WHO | What are electromagnetic fields?

WHO | What are electromagnetic fields?: "the "

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This is something everyone needs to know about. Microwave (EMF) Human Auditory Signal Transmissions. A lot of people need to know how easy it is to become a (Victim of Electronic Harassment and Torture). The human soul and life runs on energy. Energy can be transmitted into and through a humans body. The Military has Electromagnetic Weapons and know what I am saying to you is the truth. I am a Victim in the United States. I have talked to many different parts of the United States Government and Military. Read the web site and learn how Microwaves can slowly Kill a human. and and and

Saturday, September 10, 2011

(Microwave Warfare) American Citizens Victims

My name is Michael Shaneyfelt. I have reported to all forms of legal body in this Country, I left a Message with United States Naval Criminal Investigator. Agent David Cannon 1-901-874-5389. I reported a Man named Eric S. Phillips stealing Military Weapons from the United States Navy. I asked Agent David Cannon to call me . Because I want to know was Eric S. Phillips trained by the United States Navy on Microwave Warfare. My reason for asking this is because. In 2005 when my life changed. I had problems with all me internal glands. Then in 2008 up to 2010. I had Heart , Kidney, Bladder, Colon, Lungs , Blood, and internal reaction to the impulses of Microwave Transmissions. Eric S. Phillips stole a United States Naval Microwave Military Weapon I have been reporting this to the United States. For over (Eight Years Now). I have Medical Records that show what I am saying is true. There are other Alabama and American Citizens That fight with this type of Criminal Torture everyday. Please know from being a victim of this type of torture. I do not know how to call this group or people by a name. (But Only Terrorist) The Alabama Law and the Alabama Government and the United States Government.  Needs to know there is a group of people. In the United States that is using. A weapon that can be traced and can be stopped. But it can not take the action of One Man. It is going to take the Action Of the people and the Government that sets in place to move walls open doors. Look at my life. I am on a file with the United States Navy. Look at my Medical History and the complaints I have files and talked about. With the United States. It is time for action to be set. I am just a man.I do not look for everyone to jump when I talk. But when truth is being spoken. And nothing happens. I asked what have I not done. If anyone in the United States Government. From the Top of the Hill to the Bottom. Please let me know. What I am telling you and everyone is the truth. My name is Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt.
Sincerely yours,
Michael Shaneyfelt