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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kelb News Nov. 5, 2011

Kelb News
   Nov. 5, 2011
 Non-Profit advocacy dedicated to non-consensual
experimentation and abuse

"We intend that no man shall live
by another man's leave under the sun."
Nuremberg Trials Statement

In This Issue:
  • Kelb Exchange
  • Kelb Saturday Night Conference Call
  • Carol Rutz presents issues
  • Kelb Ltr U.N.  Du Plessis Orphans' Justice
  • Snowstorm unexpected in NYC Parks                                                                                                                                                          

U.N. Chief Meets With Yemeni Nobel Peace Laureate

Bavarian Cyber Spyware:
German Minister Wants Investigatoin of State Authorities' Use of Spyware
By  Kim Zetter October 11, 2011

Germany’s justice minister has called for an investigation after authorities in at least four German states acknowledged using computer spyware to conduct surveillance on citizens.
Authorities in the state of Bavaria admitted on Monday that a piece of spyware discovered on a citizen’s computer by the local Chaos Computer Club hacker group was designed for use by authorities to spy on suspects.

The so-called R2D2 keylogging Trojan CCC examined, however, does much more than this. In addition to monitoring Skype calls and recording keystrokes to monitor e-mail and instant messaging communications, the Trojan can take screenshots and activate a computer’s microphone and webcam to allow someone to remotely spy on activities in a room. Furthermore, the program includes a backdoor that would allow authorities to remotely update the program with additional functionality.  . . .

Authorities in the U.S. have also been using spyware for years to conduct surveillance . . . The U.S. software, called a “computer and internet protocol address
verifier,” or CIPAV, is designed to collect a wide range of information and deliver it to an FBI server in eastern Virginia. The FBI’s use of the spyware surfaced in 2007 . . . Documents obtained by Threat Level under the Freedom of Information Act showed that the FBI had deployed the CIPAV in a wide variety of cases — from major hacker investigations. . .
Read more on these capabilities:

Patent Thought?

Mayo Collaborative Services v. Prometheus Laboratories, Inc. from Scotusblog

A highly nuanced and technical dispute between Mayo and Prometheus begs the question of whether “thought” is patentable. The issue surrounds a Prometheus patent concerning, in part, doctors’ subjective observations on how patients react to synthetic drug dosages to treat auto-immune diseases.

Prometheus holds patents to methods that assist doctors in figuring out — through observation and testing — the effective dosage of synthetic drugs to administer. The method includes performing drug tests with a Prometheus-patented kit.
. . .
Steven Shapiro, the legal director for the American Civil Liberties Union, said Mayo should prevail.
“What they’re claiming a patent on is how you think about whether or not a drug is working. You can’t patent thought,” he said.

Read more:

Du Plessis Orphanages MKUltra Experimenntation

Kelb Letter  to the U.N. High Commission on Human Rights
November 2, 2011

We are writing
. . .concerning the Canadian Du Plessis Orphanage abuses, which occurred from approximately 1946- 1986.

Our organization advocates for survivors of non-consensual experimentation and abuse, often  at the hands of government agencies and third party contractors.  We support the issue of the Du Plessis Orphanage non-consensual experimentation, across the nation of Canada as one such abuse.  We believe this is as violative of international law, as the U.S. Tuskegee experimentation, radiation experimentation and MK-Ultra experimentation, in the United States.  Actually MK-Ultra experimentation did apparently occur, in these orphanages.

The Du Plessis Orphanage case is currently before you (letter of receipt, January 21, 2011) and we are seeking both a status update and a request that you consider and hear this case, at your earliest convenience.  These children (now adults) were severely abused (both psychologically and physically) in these orphanages (operated by the Catholic Church, “Sisters of Mercy”) and need legal justice and to be made whole, after so many years.  They need to be able to “close the door”, on this unfortunate chapter of their lives and world history.

We believe this is important, both for the well being of the survivors and for the concept of justice, this extends in the world public interest.  It also again, reinforces the Nuremberg Code as an operative norm of  justice, which is vital as we move forwards.  The legal norm we emphasize on this issue, is in the Nuremberg Code, and is the statement that “no human experimentation shall occur without the informed consent of the human subject.”

This norm of practice was severely violated with infants and children, motherless and fatherless and incapable of any kind of  “consent”,  in the Du Plessis Orphanages, during these years, by doctors and staff.  Experimental brain implants were placed into the skulls of some of these vulnerable children, by cutting into their brains.  If the child did not survive, he/she was buried in back of the orphanage, to the closed, unknowing eyes of the outside world.

Along with the Nuremberg Code, “norm of  practice”,  Contestabile defines: “If we disregard aspects which are not relevant for sentient beings, then the value of the world corresponds to the aggregated (and weighed) welfare of its inhabitants.” 1

Rights theorists demand that tenents of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (including the directive against torture) are honored. By assigning priority to human rights they become a side constraint for every theory that seeks a quantitative optimization of the state of affairs. 2.  We believe we cannot accept any concept that it is acceptable to hurt a small innocent group for the greater good or benefit of the larger group, society, for medical testing, or any other non-consensual testing outcomes.  These are bedrock tenants of law and humanistic philosophy, that we believe make adjudication, for this case imperative.
. . .
We believe it is necessary to give these courageous survivors, their “day in court” and let them experience the justice, courts are capable of providing, so that they can continue their lives, families and work, in peace.
. . .
Would you reply to me, about our concerns, at your earliest possible convenience?  Thank you for your kind attentions to our letter and issue.

Please read our letter in its entirety at:

Carole Rutz, Survivor of Childhood Non-Consensual Experimentation and Abuse, Speaks: 
"The World Will Know . . ." (2007)

(from the transcript):

"Let me assure all of you that I understand how dry and meaningless statistics can be if they are devoid of humanity.  I hope you will find my presentation full of the human spirit that allowed us all to survive and brought us together today.

As a ritual abuse and mind control survivor I was thrilled to join my esteemed colleagues, Wanda Karriker, Thorsten Becker and Bettina Overkamp and enlist my fellow survivors’ participation in the first ever “International Survey for Adult Survivors of Extreme Abuse.”    . . .
. . .
Kel, a survivor wrote, “Since the media, the legal justice system, the scientific community, and the health provider industry have all failed spectacularly to comprehend and communicate the truth about the post-trauma experience and the atrocities that spawn “survivors,” . . .   "

Please read more on this type of abuse occurring in non-consensual experimentation:


The Current State of Wall Street, NY
Wall Street protests

Blacklist Bill
Venture Capitalists Back Ending Blacklist BillBy David Kravets
Oct. 31, '11
It’s no surprise that the proposal by Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) to boost the government’s authority to disrupt and shutter websites that hawk or host trademark- and copyright-infringing products would draw a harsh reaction from interest groups like Public Knowledge and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
. . ..
Mike Masnick over at techdirt directs our attention to an open a letter to Christopher Dodd, the Motion Picture Association of America’s chief executive, and huge supporter of Smith’s legislation.

Signing onto the letter, which asks Dodd to end support for the Stop Online Piracy Act, are some venture capitalists like Brad Burnham and Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures, which has invested in Twitter, Etsy, Kickstarter, DuckDuckgo, and Tumblr, among other companies. . . . 

We are moving forwards and your support has been essential.  Five dollars, $10, $20 go a long way in the work, we are doing, and will continue to do. Dropping a small donation into the the mail, addressed to the address below, will help tremendously.  So many of us, are working very hard, often night and day.  We will get there.  With all of us, right there, with us. 
But we do need your help.

      Yearly memberships are $16.

     Donations are gratefully accepted for Kelb,
Keep The Ethical Light Burning, Inc.,  at the paypal website:
Either open a new account or access your account at  Please use the email address: or  Our address below, is the address for mailed donations for checks, money orders or cash (wrapped).  Please contact us by email for our bank account information for transmissions and mail-ins.

      Thank you so much for all of your support.


 National and International Membership

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Kelb Saturday Night Conference Call, Join Us!

We are also at:

Talkshoe          8:50 pm EST,
7:50pm CST,
5:50 pm PST
5:50 pm PST, West Cst. CA, Nanaimo

Call in no.:  724-444-7444
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and # sign

Second No., if problems, Rm No. 97989

All are welcome, members, survivors, friends,  encouraged to call and join in the conversation.      

Join us!

NJ Case,  cyber crime and law violations.  Cyber crime involves unseen frequencies moving through the air.  Carol Rutz speak concerning her book, "A Nation Betrayed" and the issue of non-consensual experimentation.

Let's talk !

Please join Nigel's Tuesday Evening Calls, 11pm, EST
Room No. 81062 Good discussions.  Intelligent conversation

Home Prices Heading for Triple-Dip
by Les Christie
Monday, October 31, 2011
From CNN Money

The besieged housing market has even further to fall before home prices really hit rock bottom.

According to Fiserv (FISV - News), a financial analytics company, home values are expected to fall another 3.6% by next June, pushing them to a new low of 35% below the peak reached in early 2006 and marking a triple dip in prices.

Several factors will be working against the housing market in the upcoming months, including an increase in foreclosure activity and sustained high unemployment, explained David Stiff, Fiserv's chief economist. 

Read more:

Markets Pummeled by Greek Vote Uncertainty
Pan Pylas, AP Business Writer
November 1, 2011,

LONDON (AP) -- Markets plunged Tuesday on fears that Europe's plan to save the euro was unraveling after Greece's leader unexpectedly called a referendum on the country's latest rescue package.
Markets are worried Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou wouldn't be able to pull off a victory -- assuming that his government holds together.

Read more:

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