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Monday, November 7, 2011

Lets Talk

November 7, 2011
Hear a tone it sound centered in the middle of my skull. It is a loud tone a beep pitched tone. They have been  using microwave transmission on my auditory cortex. It is away for them to connect to my brain system alpha hertz waves. When they do this to me it causes a lot of pressure in my internal brain area. I know it is from the swelling of my brain from the microwave transmissions hitting me. The tone is  my own internal alarm telling me they are transmitting
This world of have to know gets to be a little to much  "sometimes " being a victim of this type of electrical interaction and interfering with your and my internal body and your and my physical body and my life and soul.
So is this the way it going to be or maybe you want want plays this hard game "Microwave Warfare" the people who are torturing like me do you pick them or does someone do that for you?Lets have a little southern set down and talk.
Or you can call the JTTF-FBIRA or the NCISRA and talk to them.
TTFF-FBIRA 1-904-248-7000

This is getting old Eric. I know you have a few mental problems you are dealing with. But let us talk about Naval Military Weapons that you stole and are acting out crazy with.
I know what you told me is true. I can imagine when the Navy used this weapon on you the first time must have been a trip., You told me you sung song to yourself to keep the voices out of your head.

You told me thay done you this way for a week or two. But Eric you have been using a weapon on me for Eight years now. Did yo know this?????

 List of medical problems (DEW) (WMD) weapons can cause

1)      Types of Health Problems we are experiencing
·          Respiratory Problems
·          Neurological problems
                                1. Impaired cognitive ability
                                2. Impaired motor skills
                                3. Trouble walking
                                4. Memory Problems
                                5. fibromyalgia
                                6. restless leg syndrome
·          Nausea
·          Sleep deprivation, fatigue
·          Uncontrollable shaking
·          Loss of sight
·          Loss of hearing
·          Loss of hair
·          Scalp and skin diseases
·          Body burns and marks
·          Multi- chemical sensitivity
·          Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
·          Stress related Diseases
·          Asthma  
·          Impaired immune system
·          Increased sympathetic nervous system activity                       
·          Alzheimer’s
·          Parkinson’s
·          Cancer
·          Multiple Sclerosis
·          Stroke
·          Aneurysm
·          Heart Attack
·          Suicides

2)      Types of  Harassment and Technologies used
·          Electromagnetic Weapons Devises
·          Direct Energy Weapon(DEW)
·          Microwave Weapons
·          Pesticides
·          Pulsing devises
·          Voice to skull devises (V2K)
·          Organized Stalking, Electronic Harassment (OSEH)
·          Crowding
·          Street Theatre
·          Stalking/bullying
·          24/7 surveillance
·          Community Watch Groups
·          Home Invasions
·          Vehicle tampering or theft
·          Workplace  mobbing
·          Cause Stalking
·          Synchronized movements & sounds
·          Noise campaigns
 Eric S Phillips I know and a few other know you stole the weapons from the United States Naval Government. And they know what you have been doing and a few little friends that are helping you out.

I know know you told me and showed me the items you stole from the Naval DOD
Enough is a Enough. Oh yea Tell Spike I said hello…….

If you want to talk to me (call me). My number is still the same. We had known each other for (twenty years) Eric And if you want to talk in person I still live in the same old house in Grayson Valley
Eric S . Phillips

I have called the JTTF –FBRA and the NCISRA. And I told them everything you told to me and showed to me.I told them that I know you are trying to kill me for money, And have started a Domestic Terrorist here in Alabama. You told me that you trained your nephew and a few others on how to use the weapons you stole. I remember one thing that yo said to me. You said to me my treasure is still in the same spot it has always been. What did you mean by that Eric S Phillips. You tried to make me think you forged my name in 2004-2005 I got the joke in that hahaha.. I have told the Navy that you stole a naval weapon and biochips and microchips from them.
It is time to put the radio on off. I  know what you have Eric S Phillips and so does the law. But if you want to stay in this microwave form of torture and slowly kill me.I have to say tho the transmissions of microwaves are a little to much. I know you want me dead. But You are slow about it....Call, Come By, Write, But Stop what you are doing to me now!!!!! November 7, 2011 8:24pm   

And I have too ask Eric Does this lady know about your past military record..

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