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Friday, January 22, 2016

Timothytrespas-PROOF Microwave weapons KILLING civilians! VOICE OF GOD t...


  1. Great find, Mike. Hope this helps as it did me. Its from a fellow TI sent to me, poignantly stated for all of us:

    Their very existence requires that they try to extinguish all forms of light and truth, and most of us have been blacklisted since birth, they know our potential for spreading light in the darkness and they corrupt all aspects of society right-down to the individual, but those of us they can't break or turn from truth, they use every bit of knowledge and technology they have to attack & destroy our inner-light & everything that person has done that benefits humanity, every single limb of the 'beast machine system' against a single individual.

    Honor has not been one of their strong points :(

    We have to carry the weight for those who are asleep to reality. Stay strong.

    Hope you gather your strength and are given some respite from the attacks. I'm in a very similar situation Lissa, I've been sleep deprived since 2012 and suffer all the attacks you mention, from drones & neighbors, also.

    There's no escape from it at present. These lowly souls will surely reap what they sow.

    The network goes from street-level to the highest ranks of military intelligence and their cowardly workers showed themselves to me intentionally when the targeting became openly overt, after their many attempts on my life failed, I was followed with military jets & drones all day everyday & night & I'm still attacked in every house I visit as they had perps in every single neighboring house, and some if not the closest people in my life were part of it. Their aim of causing sufficient physical, psychological and spiritual suffering is to make you feel so traumatized & desperate they expected me to take my own life, which I will never do, but years previously they succeeded against friends of mine, who were innocent honest people which is one requirement. They mainly target the innocent, & their main goal is hell on earth by eradicating all honest truthful people, which they have obviously done in the military and politics.

    Hope you get some relief.


  2. Its DARPA, NASA, NAVY & all DoD black ops (Norcom/Norad) even Google & Facebook & Twitter, Youtube, etc. Since 911, and the un-patriotic acts targeting has become regrettably legal. Didn't hurt to have a so-called lawyer in the WH. Yet, as one climbs even higher up their Freemason and other secret societies you find it stems from Rockefeller, through Wall Street, then to Rothschilds & the Vatican Black Pope nobility & the Royal house. It seemingly stops there. Til one goes further back, historically, or shall I say archeologically. The latter that's available to us (crumbs) does not lie. My research has found many honorable, and less than honorable talkers, and whistleblowers. I've learned from them all. It leaves me with one question: Are they part of the fallen Annanuki's Nephlim? Or did they get this beast tech from them? Either way, its a tough call i can't answer, nor most. I only know we've been lied to about everything, our entire lives born into this system that was well-hidden. Til recent due to soon tragic earth change events and that's what's really behind all of this. A nation of high-treasonous traitors to our Constitutional and bill of Rights. Even if they consider it nothing more than a g-d piece of paper, their words.

    1. Welcome to this lousy murderous Orwellian matrix of an existence -