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Friday, August 26, 2011

Electromagnetic Auditory Weapos

Hello, My name is Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt. I am a person that has addressed the Presidential Commission on the Study of Bioethical Issues in the United States. I gave my testimony in Washington DC. I have informed the FBI, Naval Criminal Investigation Service and the FBI-RA (Joint Terrorism Task Force) of the United States. I told them all  about a man I knew. I told them that the man I know. Has formed a Domestic Terrorist Group. Here in the State of Alabama. And that this man and the Group he has formed here in Alabama. Are using a weapon that the man (Eric S Phillips) stole from the United States Naval Defense Department in Pensacola Florida. I told them that (Eric S Phillips) showed me. The items that he stole from the United States Navy. And that he told me what the items were. And the items that he showed to me was Naval Stock bags of (Naval Bio Chips) and (Naval Military Microchips) and also told me that he was going to use these items to set up a (Naval Auditory VLF Directed Energy Weapon). I was told by the United States Navy that the weapon is a Military (Weapon of Mass Destruction) a (WMD). (Eric S Phillips) has formed a  Domestic Terrorist Group. That he has trained on using this Military weapon here in Alabama. And his group and him are using the Ionizing Radiation Auditory VLF Transmitting Military Weapon. On me and other United States Citizens here in Alabama and across the United States. I have talked to many victims that face the same thing I do. And I know that the weapon can damage a person Heart, Lungs, Central Nerves System, Brain, Kidneys, Lungs, Colon, and can damage a person internal  organs.This weapon can cause a person to develop many types of medical problems. Such as Asthma, Impaired Immune System, Loss of Sight, Neurological Problems, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis,Strokes, Heart Attacks, This weapon is designed to harm and kill people with. I have talked to the United States Congress about this matter. And about this new form of (Terrorism). that has formed here in the United States and in the States of Alabama and around the World.. This weapon is being used by a Domestic Terrorist Group here in Alabama on me and other American Citizens. If you are a victim that is being assaulted by this form of (Electronic Torture). Please contact me at And call your Local Law Enforcement Agencies. And report what is happening to you. If you wish to know more about this New Type of ( Electronic Terrorist Attacks and Torture) that is happening here in the United States and across the World. Please go to this web site                    What I am telling you about is the truth SO HELP ME GOD!!!!!.