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Friday, December 2, 2011

energy running

December 2, 2011

The last couple of weeks I have felt a lot., of changes . They have been hitting me with burst electrical waves. And the energy builds up with each charge inside of me. I feel like a ball of energy that I know is damaging my central nerves system.

I feel like I am  fired up with energy. It feels like its running through my body like fire.The energy starts in the center of my chest and runs through my body. Then draws down and out my hands and my feet. I can feel the energy run through my body like water. Then I feel the burst of charges firing off internal taken control of my urine flow and taken over my internal sphincter muscles that control my digestive system and my intake system into my stomach. The energy flow through my natural system. And affects my Intake of food and Digestion system to remove the waste and cause my sphincter muscle to affect my  kidneys and my bladder area..
I readied some where about when this weapon was being developed. That the men said to each other if we could match the hertz waves in a person internal system and affect the sphincter muscles actions with in the person. It would cause all kinds of internal infection problems the infection would poison the blood system and cause other problems in a person body.. The reason they are affecting my colon and bladder and kidneys is to cause some type of infection. They are trying to develop a internal cyst in my colon. That can be caused by this type of torture. Which the cyst can be taken care of with the right medication. And they are also trying to make me bladder burst causing me more problems with urination and other problems. The weapon they are using can cause your internal sphincter muscles to close in and up on a person. The United States stolen Naval Military Auditory Weapons can kill a person overtime

Electronic sound that is set to your auditory level can cause you many problems
here is a few websites you can go and find out what I mean and I am talking about (auditory weapons)   

Eric Phillips

You need to call these numbers and return what you stole from the United States Navy

Law Departments  and   Phone Numbers

Federal Bureau of Investigation
1000 18th St N.
Birmingham, AL 35203
To: Joint Terrorism Task Force
Attn: Agent on Duty

Federal Bureau of Investigation                                                   
Jacksonville Division Headquarters
6061 Gate Parkway
Jacksonville, Florida 32256
Attn: Joint Terrorism Task Force

Federal Bureau of Investigation
125 West Romana Streets, Suite 650
Pensacola, Florida 32502
To: Joint Terrorism Task Force
Attn: Agent John Cannon

NCISRA Memphis TN                                                                 
5722 Integrity Drive
Milling ton, TN 38054-5058
 Attn: Agent David  Cannon

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office                                                 
2200 Eight Ave. North
Birmingham Alabama 35203
 Attn: Mike Hale

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