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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Conference Call

Hi Everyone,

I have a friend who lives in Florida. I talk to her sometimes. She is a victim just like me.But there is a lot of people that faces the same thing that all us victims have faced and that is pain. Pain from the government not taken action.and stopping this type of terrorist attacks, Melissa Sanderson is a great lady. She has put up a strong fight. Trying to change her life but thousand of peoples life's even my own..Many thanks for that Melissa.. But if you are a victim and live in Florida call this number today and ever Wednesday at 8:30am central time.
She is a great person that wants to help everyone. Call in if you live in Florida. Here are some letters Melissa had received from Marco Rubio.

If you are a victim of directed energy weapons DEW and you live in Florida please call Melissa Sanderson weekdays and weekend calls, She may be able to help you. Just call

Conference Call ~ Wednesday @ 9:30 am est
(305) 848-8888

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