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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Effects Reported by Targeted Individuals

The illustration at right, found at the website, lists many of the effects reported by voice hearers and those individuals who believe themselves to be targeted by psycho-electronic weapons.

They bear a remarkable resemblance to the negative Human Effects envisioned by the U.S. Air Force in 1996, notably: disrupting a person's effectiveness or mission accomplishment through sleep induction, sleep deprivation, subliminal suggestions, manipulation of emotions, forced memory loss, and creation of false perception (see the last post).

A detailed list of "Psycho-Electronic Weapon Effects," found at the Synthetic Telepathy website below, exactly parallels the effects listed by the illustration at right. They are apparently from the same source, a "targeted individual" describing her personal experience. The list has been modified and altered for the sake of clarity.

The effects described appear to be a combination of Non-Lethal Weapons effects mixed with subliminal hypnosis, behavior modification and classic PSYOP harassment.
Hey Everyone,
I found that what I have been posting up a few things on the web. That make a few of you wonder. All I can say is that everyone needs to go to this website I have posted up and read a little more about Targeted Individuals. Because what I have been talking to everyone about is happening. There is a group in Alabama that is using some electronic devices we all need to know about.  Because Eric S. Phillips showed me a weapon and some chips that he stole from the United States Department of Defense back in 1990-1991 he showed me the items in January of 2000. He asked me to join him in harassing, stalking, and killing other american citizens. I told Eric, he was out of his mind if he thought I would want to be a low life like that.

 Eric S Phillips has a naval military ionizing microwave auditory weapon. He is and has been using  the weapon on me and other american citizens in the southeast. The electrical ionizing transmission can be transmitted trough a person body and mix into a person God given electrical human system the weapon ionizing electrical waves can stimulate a  person brain waves Then start feeding a ionizing electrical radiation into a person central nerves system by transmitting out (VLF) Hz waves. The electrical transmission can affect all  internal organs in a person body.  If you would please take a look at my EEG's reports from 2006-2008 up to 2009.

If you would please notice the clime in my alpha brainwaves in the EEG report of 2009. Take a look at my EEG reading from 2006 through 2008 and you will see all normal reading. 

I have more that I am going to post up. Which will show you how is on how a United States Ionizing Microwave Weapon can affect a person Heart, Kidneys, Bladder, and Lungs.
I am starting off with my 2006 EEG reading and then 2009 and the last one from 2009. It is the one reading that shows a change in my electrical system. 

This EEG was taken on me in 2009

Then in 2009 I had taken another EEG that picked up the transmissions of the very low 
impulse frequencies.

If you notice the first two EEG's show no abnormal actives. But in my last EEG it shows a abnormal clime in my alpha brain waves.That the hospital caught  during transmission. The hospital caught the feed 6 too 7 times on that EEG reading, 
The weapon Eric S. Phillips is using on me and other people tunes in on a person auditory nerve then tunes in on a person central nerves system flow of energy. when they do this to someone. They can make they can damage a person internal organs just from electrical transmissions from the naval military ionizing microwave auditory weapon. I have been a victim for about ten too eight years now. It all started back in 2003 but became worries in 2005 and for the past six years I have been in and out of hospital for so many things .    Please just take a look at all I have posted and leave me a comment or email me please.

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