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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Electromagnetic affecting the internals organs

. First off I am a witness for the Naval Criminal Investigation Service.of the United States.

Southeast Field Office, Jacksonville, FL

The Southeast Field Office is located aboard Naval Station Mayport, on the east side of Jacksonville, FL. The field office's area of responsibility includes Georgia, Florida (minus the panhandle), the Caribbean and South America.
Agents assigned to the Southeast Field Office are involved in the full range of NCIS mission-essential functions, including general crimes and cold case investigations, special operations, Domestic Violence Units (DVU) and Major Case Response Teams (MCRT).
Southeast Field Office 
PO Box 280076
Naval Station
Mayport, FL 32228-0076
Telephone: (904) 270-5361
DSN 960-5361

I reported a man named Eric S. Phillips that I had known all my life. But the man is a traitor of the United States. And he showed me what he stole from the United States Naval Defense Department then he told me how he was going to use the items and the weapon he stole on American Citizens.I should have turned him in right then but I did not I just told him he had to find a place to live and move out from the place I was renting out to him. About two weeks is all it took for him to move out. But I was hit with a electrical charge right after he moved out. That caused me to have a seizure and broke my back. From that happening I have been disable sense 2001 I was laid up for almost two years and forgot about what Eric S Phillips had showed to me and asked of me and told me what he was going to be doing. Those were hard times but I over came them and was doing great until I met a family that I can not name, But after I met this family. Eric S Phillips started coming around me more and with a few old friends of mine. I knew something was on his mind all the time he came around me. Now that I am a victim of electronic torture and this man has come close to killing me a couple of times. Now I know what was on his mind.

But I am still here. I want to show everyone what electromagnetic impulse can cause a victim to deal with and cause them problems in their urinary system and can also cause a them to develop a infection that can lead to heart diseases. And the way they have been doing it to me is by my internal sphincters muscles. on my bladder and in my colon area and the one above my stomach. The freaks call it forming a pyramid, This Military form of a slow death, causes a person problems with their colon intestinal track, and can cause tumors to form in a person stomach  this report was written by Dr Pearlman and Dr.Wilson the first person to tell me about my kidney cortex thinning from radiation exposure.

This report was written by Dr. Pearlman

 Eric S Phillips stole several items from the United States Navy. And he is using the items to tune in a person or a group of people. By using a auditory vibration  tone. The person auditory nerve can be tuned in.Once it has been The terrorist can really start transmitting auditory signal waves charges. Into a person central nerves system. Then send false nerve reaction through your body.By going through the auditory nerve in the human ear. And by doing this they can make any muscle in your body react off a false nerve signal Your heart react off a false nerve signal. The hertz electrical energy that they transmit can cause a person server pain, the human body runs on energy.With the weapon Eric S Phillips stole from the United States Navy can cause that energy to turn on you and cause death to a person soul their internal life of power. And the strongest transmitting system in any humans body is your heart.

I got this off of

The Body's Electrical System

Have you ever wondered what makes your heart beat? How does it do it automatically, every second of every minute of every hour of every day?
The answer lies in a special group of cells that have the ability to generate electrical activity on their own. These cells separate charged particles. Then they spontaneously leak certain charged particles into the cells. This produces electrical impuses in the pacemaker cells which spread over the heart, causing it to contract. These cells do this more than once per second to produce a normal heart beat of 72 beats per minute.
The natural pacemaker of the heart is called the sinoatrial node (SA node). It is located in the right atrium. The heart also contains specialized fibers that conduct the electrical impulse from the pacemaker (SA node) to the rest of the heart (see Figure 4).

The heart contains specialized fibers that conduct the electrical impulse from the pacemaker.
Figure 4

The electrical impulse leaves the SA node (1) and travels to the right and left atria, causing them to contract together. This takes .04 seconds. There is now a natural delay to allow the atria to contract and the ventricles to fill up with blood. The electrical impulse has now traveled to the atrioventricular node (AV node) (2). The electrical impulse now goes to the Bundle of His (3), then it divides into the right and left bundle branches (4) where it rapidly spreads using Purkinje fibers (5) to the muscles of the right and left ventricle, causing them to contract at the same time.
Any of the electrical tissue in the heart has the ability to be a pacemaker. However, the SA node generates an electric impulse faster than the other tissue so it is normally in control. If the SA node should fail, the other parts of the electrical system can take over, although usually at a slower rate.                                                                                                                        

I had a  Cardiac Ablation done on me because I was receiving to much energy into my heart.

I had this surgery back in 2008, But the auditory weapon takes a certain amount of time to kill a person. They first started out with strong electrical shock waves into my chest that woke me up. But did not kill me. Eric S Phillips did this three nights back to back. But each time all it did was wake me up and fill my body full of energy.Eric S Phillips wants to make my death look like a natural caused death, That way he can get away with murder. But the boys who are missing around with me are weak people they think hiding is the way you can kill, stalk, harass, and torture people. I have some medical records coming in soon. that will show that eight Cardiologist were right about my heart problem. I do not have a heart problem! But from this weapon Eric S Phillips is using on me caused my EKG reading on my heart  look like my heart was having a seizure. This is a letter I got from my Cardiologist that shows I have no heart problem at all.and the test results off a tilt table test which shows I have no heart problem at all 

I am going to have my hospital records in about a week. Then I am going to prove that I am getting hit again.      But this time it is all over the true power of life is the human heart,.

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