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Thursday, October 20, 2011

how it started out with me....

Hearing is not a purely mechanical phenomenon of wave propagation, but is also a sensory and perceptual event; in other words, when a person hears something, that something arrives at the ear as a mechanical sound wave traveling through the air, but within the ear it is transformed into neural action potentials. These nerve pulses then travel to the brain where they are perceived. Hence, in many problems in acoustics, such as for audio processing, it is advantageous to take into account not just the mechanics of the environment, but also the fact that both the ear and the brain are involved in a person’s listening experience.
The inner ear, for example, does significant signal processing in converting sound waveforms into neural stimulus, so certain differences between waveforms may be imperceptible.[1] Data compression techniques, such as MP3, make use of this fact.[2] In addition, the ear has a nonlinear response to sounds of different loudness levels. Telephone networks and audio noise reduction systems make use of this fact by nonlinearly compressing data samples before transmission, and then expanding them for playback.[3] Another effect of the ear's nonlinear response is that sounds that are close in frequency produce phantom beat notes, or intermodulation distortion products.[

Hey Everyone, when you read this. And look at how they wrote out hertz waves stimulates a person auditory nerve..The auditory hair cells on the auditory nerves is what receives the first stimulation from the hertz wave, And once the weapon has caused this stimulation and has your very own tone scale recorded down. Is when the person will start having swelling in the inner ear and then the hertz wave stimulates the auditory cortex and moves on to the brain stem and then your central nerves system. The person will know when this happens. Because they will have swelling in their ears and in there internal glands. From their neck , chest, abdomen, hip, and if you are a man like me you will have swelling of your upper glands on your kidneys, and around your groin. 

This action is caused because your body is taken in negative charge waves. That send negative false hertz waves down your central nerves system. They use the V2K on a person to build up internal pressure on the victim.

here are some of my medical reports. These reports are from when they first started using ionizing microwave impulses on me. Look and you will see were my Doctor wrote down a lot of things that were about my internals trying to fight back. 

Hey Everyone, I wanted you to think about the hertz waves a naval military auditory ionizing microwave directed energy weapon of war that transmits at me everyday all day long. The transmitted auditory ionizing microwave waves are set on a very low frequencies (VLF) but the hertz wave is still on a constant flow 24 / 07 / 365 with me for the past eight to ten years.  


Limits of perception

The human ear can nominally hear sounds in the range 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz (20 kHz). This upper limit tends to decrease with age, most adults being unable to hear above 16 kHz. The ear itself does not respond to frequencies below 20 Hz[citation needed], but these can be perceived via the body's sense of touch.
Frequency resolution of the ear is 3.6 Hz within the octave of 1,000–2,000 Hz. That is, changes in pitch larger than 3.6 Hz can be perceived in a clinical setting.[5] However, even smaller pitch differences can be perceived through other means. For example, the interference of two pitches can often be heard as a (low-)frequency difference pitch. This effect of phase variance upon the resultant sound is known as beating.
The semitone scale used in Western musical notation is not a linear frequency scale but logarithmic. Other scales have been derived directly from experiments on human hearing perception, such as the mel scale and Bark scale (these are used in studying perception, but not usually in musical composition), and these are approximately logarithmic in frequency at the high-frequency end, but nearly linear at the low-frequency end.

Main article: Auditory maskingIn some situations an otherwise clearly audible sound can be masked by another sound. For example, conversation at a bus stop can be completely impossible if a loud bus is driving past. This phenomenon is called masking. A weaker sound is masked if it is made inaudible in the presence of a louder sound.

I know everyone I have shown this a coupe times already. But it goes with what I am trying to say.about this form of torture. A person aims a beam straight at your home and at you and cover your home in a electricity shield  that forms a prefect pyramid or square that covers a person home like a force field. It shuts off all noise from outside it like covers a person home.But the energy from the auditory transmitter the ionizing or microwave radiation covers your home, The wild thing about it is the two frequencies are a 10th of a sound off from of each other. You can not see the beam surround us everyday .but some how they know where I am in my home. I can be in one spot and feel no pain. Then I walk into my room and the pitch tones fires off very high. It is a strange sound.a tone and pitch.

 What Eric S Phillips stabbed into my body started all of my internal pain.I don't know but I think the tone pitch transmit to the bio chip and the tones are like in a order form of command telling the internal bio chip to warm up higher and higher. And I MEAN THE TONES SIGNALS BUILDS UP MORE ENERGY IN THE BIO CHIP AND THEN RELEASE THE ENERGY INTO MY CHEST AREA THEY HAVE BEEN TRYING TO CAUSE ME TO HAVE A HEART ATTACK for over seven years now. the naval military auditory weapon follows me everywhere. I was at Brookwood Hospital and Eric S Phillips and his Domestic Terrorist group lit up the whole hospital with ionizing microwave radiation. God only knows how many people there could have died from what Eric S Phillips and his group did to me and hundreds of people at that hospital. They really don't care about the sick and the ill and all the new borne babies. I hope no one was harmed in the hospital from this form of terrorism. This man Eric S. Phillips has killed three people I know of. And his group he has formed and is using the weapon he stole from the United States Navy on me and other American Citizens and they are using ionizing microwave radiation.. Just look at my EEG that show a spike in my alpha brain wave of 10hz  that. the Hospital caught on a EEG reading spike up to ten times. Which I know this was caused by the auditory transmission feed 

 Eric S Phillips.

  you need to call                      
Pensacola Florida
Agent John Cannon
1850-432-3476 or
Jacksonville JTTF FBI-RA
1-904-248-7000 or the
Memphis TN,
Agent David Cannon

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