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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Congress need to open their eyes to a New form of Terrorism

Hey Everyone, I hope that all of you have been reading my blog. It is about a perosn that stole military weapon from the naval defense department. Then formed a group of people up and trained them on how to use the weapon Eric S Phillips stole. Which is a  (Naval Military Microwave Auditory Weapon) The group he has formed here in Alabama have been using the weapon all over the state. I have talked to many victims like myself, That are trying to get the United States to open a Congressional Hearing up on this matter. That is happening across the United States. If you know anyone that can help me and others open a door to Congress please leave me a comment. Or email me at This New Form of Terrorism can become large and affect millions of people across the world. Help me stop this Torture, Stalking, Harassing, and Killing of Innocent Human Life.

Thank You.


I am a victim that is being assaulted everyday by ionizing electromagnetic transmission. From a stolen naval military microwave auditory weapon. I have even benn called by Congress of the United States Mr. Zimmerman Congressional aid to  Spencer Bachus Alabama State Representative.They told me to go and file assault charges against Eric S. Phillips. But said to me I could not say anything about the weapon to the court or my Attorney. This happen on November 12, 2009.

But I could not tell the court about electromagnetic ionizing microwave warfare weapons. I told M. Zimmerman that I had to tell the courts about the weapon Eric S Phillips stole from the United States Navy. Because I knew that Eric S Phillips and a few of his friends have a military weapon and they have to all be stopped. So I went to the (FBI), (NCIS), Senators, (NSA). United States Navy, DOD, ICE and a few other federal departments of the United States. And now the United States Navy as told me that the weapon Eric Phillips stole from the Defense Department of the Navy. Is a a weapon that the United States Military keeps marked has Top Secret and is a Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD)  Eric S. Phillips told me and showed me what he stole from the Navy.Eric S Phillips asked me to go out with him and harass and stalk and now I know also to kill innocent american citizens. The weapon I am talking about can cause many medical problems to happen to a person. Some people call the weapon that Eric S. Phillips has. A slow kill weapon, the Voice of God, V2k, and many more other names. But the weapon is a electromagnetic ionizing microwave auditory weapon and it is the United States military gradeit has a WMD. this weapon can cause a person to have a  Heart Attack , Stroke, High Blood Pressure problems , Urinary problems, Digestive problems, Nerve Damage, Seizures, Internal damage and the list keeps on going. This weapon can damage all of a persons internal organs. This weapon Eric S Phillips has can kill a person in no time if he had a larger transmission system. I am going to put up some letters and test results from my Cardiologist Dr Cavender and test results from a cardiac tilt table test I had done at Baptist Health System. The reason I am doing this is because I had to have a two heart surgery in 2008 because of me being a victim. I had a heart oblation. It is were they go into a person heart and burn out a nerve. The reason I had this surgery is because I was getting hit by a energy transmitted wave that caused my heart to receive to much energy and shut down on me. From this pulse of energy my lower right heart valve closed up on me when it should have been open. But I am going to post up a few things over the week and show everyone how a electromagnetic weapon can cause a person heart failure. Before I start I want everyone to know My doctors and I know I have no heart problem. But the weapon that Eric S Phillips has set up here in Grayson Valley hits me all day everyday and did make my left side of my body and the center of my chest tightens up and the pain I feel is bad. But I know I am a victim of Microwave Warfare look at my letters.

I am going to show more medical reports to everyone and prove of what I am trying to warn everyone about
My name is Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt and what I have posted up and wrote is the truth.

This is only a few of the reports I have filed with the Jefferson County Sheriff Department.This is a copy of the cyst I had removed from my body. That the Joint Terrorism Task Force of the United States said Eric S Phillips stabbed a naval bio chip into my body.

I have been living in hell over a Lawsuit that was filed against Amerex Corporation back in 1985-1986.
The President Mrs Goldie Paine settle our agreement over the Embezzlement Lawsuit. I signed a money wavier for Mrs. Goldie Paine to invest the money for me that was stolen from me by Amerex Corporation.

This is just a few of the contract agreements we agreed on have put a price on my head..

I am a victim because Amerex Corporation Family

My name is Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt and what I have wrote is the truth so help me God.

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