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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hey Everyone,

here is a few websites for people that what to know about electronic microwave ionizing radiation directed energy weapons. And I added a few websites that are for all the victims that need to contact the law or the government or the Military, But those website are also for any of the Terrorist Group that has formed up here in Alabama. To think about what you are doing and say too yourself I am not a terrorist and help me stop the Stalking , Harassment,  Torture and Murder stop this form of terrorism that is going to grow and become more than anyone could imagine. Microwave Warfare can do a little to much,. If anyone who reads this that is helping a traitor of the United States do what I have named off. (Think Think) about who you are? Are you a terrorist a weak man. It is  (We The People) Think, Think, Think, USA USA USA USA USA USA USA Canada Europe Europe Europe Espanha Espanha Holland Holland Holland UK UK Germany Germany Germany Germany Italy Italy Norway Sweden Sweden Finland B√©lgica czechoslovakia Russia Russia Australia China Japan Japan International

Eric S. Phillips
You need to call the Joint Terrorism Task Force                                                                                     1-904-248-7000
                                                                                                                                                                  The Naval Criminal Investigation Service                                                                                            1-901-874-5389

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