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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hitler and the dead shall rise and walk....

Hey Everyone I thought I would jump off on Directed Energy Weapons. I got a list today that show Russia in the mood for this growing Microwave Warfare is here on us now.

Hey Everyone I dont know why I wanted to share this with you but just look at what they are allowing us too see. The weapon that Eric S phillips stole from the United States navy id listed has Top Secret. And you know I have told his brother Troy Phillips that I turned his brother into the Fecersl Law. And all he said was we were friends and he wanted me not to be telling everyone what his brother Eric S Phillips had done

                                                           Eric S Phillips You Need to 
                                                            call the NCIS-RA or the

Phone Numbers

Federal Bureau of Investigation                                                 
Agent on Duty

Federal Bureau of Investigation                                                  
Jacksonville Division Headquarters
Joint Terrorism Task Force

 Federal Bureau of Investigation                                                  
Pensacola, Florida
Agent John Cannon

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office                                                 
Sheriff Mike Hale

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