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Friday, October 21, 2011

Muslim's views on the weapon that was used on Irac in the first Gulf War (Silent Sound)

Hey Everyone,

I guess I like posting up my thoughts and things that really trip me out.I was told by the United States Naval Criminal Service (NCIS-RA). That the auditory weapon I reported to them was a (WMD) was told this by Agent David Cannon.1-901-874-5389

And he order me to make contact with the Jacksonville Joint Terrorism Task Force of the United States Federal Bureau (JTTF-FBI-RA) 1-904-248-7000 or1-850-432-3476 They told me a lot. Agent John Cannon FBI-RA told me I had been implanted with a naval bio-chip. I have had several medical test and x-rays and I have not seen a thing. But Eric S Phillips did stab with something that felt like a needle, He stabbed into my left shoulder.

So you can see why writing out this google blog helps me. I am still a victim I still get hits everyday by a weapon that was stolen from the Naval Defense Department of the United States. And the United States has admitted to me that I was a victim and the weapon that is being used on me is a Weapon of Mass Destruction

I still get hit everyday.The United States Military told me a investigation was order to him to open. And I am still a victim I am getting a  headaches thinking about it. But I wanted Everyone to know why I am posting up a blog. So you know what on My mind but look and read what the Muslim people think about a country of people that are victims. And face what us victims here in the United States are facing. I know the group Eric S Phillips has formed are Domestic Terrorist. But please read and see what the Muslim say about the electromagnetic  transmission of a naval military auditory ionizing microwave radiation transmitter weapon..

In The Name of Allah (God) The Most Compassionate The Most Merciful
Title of Paper:
Mental Disturbances and Illnesses: Diagnosis and Cure from The Guidance of The Qur’an
Researcher’s Name:
Dr. Zaid Kasim Mohammad Ghazzawi
Biomedical Engineering Department
The Hashemite University – Jordan
Summary of the Research

Research Aims:
This research aims to find a diagnosis and cure for mental disturbances from the guidance of The Qur’an,
keeping in mind that modern psychology failed to find a cure for mental disturbances.

Research Methodology:
The methodology adopted in this research is to ponder upon the verses of the Qur’an and to link the verses to
each other to derive new knowledge concerning the human psyche and the reason behind mental disturbances
affecting people.

Research Topics:
The research addresses the following topics:
· Showing the miracle of the Qur’an in modern times.
· Knowing the cause behind mental disturbances.
· Deriving the cure for mental disturbances from the guidance of The Qur’an.
· Showing the mercy of Allah (God) contained in the teachings of the Qur’an.

Discovering the cause of mental disturbances and how to cure them from the guidance of The Qur’an, which
shows the mercy of Allah (God) onto people and the truthfulness of the message contained in the Qur’an. In
addition to demonstrating the superiority of the knowledge of Allah (God) in The Qur’an to the current
knowledge of people.

Hey Everyone, this is a part of the text were they talk about Voice to skull V2K

O people eat from what Allah (God) Almighty has made lawful to you from what the earth brings and do not follow the steps of Satan. Verily, He is an open enemy for you. (2: 168)

Thus Allah (God) Almighty tells us that Satan is the main enemy of humans. And so it can be concluded that
Satan as an enemy of people wants them to be in hardship, pain, and despair. Consequently, it is Satan who is
responsible for the ideas of harm, lust, and blasphemy, which people with mental illnesses and disturbances
suffer from, the proof of which will be given in the following sections

People’s view on Satan

A sign of Allah’s (God) Almighty mercy towards His creation is found in the fact that He send heavenly books,such as the commandments received by Prophet Moses peace be upon him, The Noble Qur’an received by

Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him and in all of these books Allah (God) Almighty warned people about
their main enemy (i.e. Satan). However, due to the fact that the majority of people deserted Allah (God)
Almighty and His messages to people, the majority of people do not know the first thing about their main enemy (i.e. Satan) and the mechanisms by which He affects them by.

Nowadays, if you ask a person about Satan and how does He affect him; you would most probably hear one of the following answers:

An Atheist: He will tell you that Satan does not exist.

A Christian: Most Christians think that Satan is a mystical figure that exists but it does not affect people what so ever.

A Muslim: He believes that Satan exists, however, he does not know the mechanism by which Satan affects him by.
The Noble Qur’an

Allah (God) Almighty throughout the ages sent revelations to guide people to the right path and to lift them
through knowledge to a dignified status. The culmination of these revelations is seen in the last revelation of
Allah (God) Almighty to mankind which is the Noble Qur’an. The Noble Qur’an is a verbal revelation from the
Almighty to people delivered by His last and beloved messenger Mohammad peace be upon Him. In it Allah
(God) Almighty states in clear details the mechanisms by which Satan affects humans with. Such that people
will not be fooled by Satan and be saved from His destructive influence.

Hey Everyone, I know it is hard to but aside you faith. But if you noticed what they are writing about. You see how and understand they are talking about you will know what a victim faces everyday fighting to stay alive from the abuse of Military Weapons of War a electronic microwave ionizing radiation auditory transmitting directed energy weapon,

Satan stimulating the neural nodes in the human brain by whispering:

The second manner by which Satan affects humans with stems from the act of generating emotions by
whispering as stated in the Noble Qur’an (113:4), where Allah (God) Almighty tells us that Satan can generate a
feeling in the human body such that the feeling is exactly what you are supposed to feel when Satan whispers
His ideas in your head. For example when Satan whispers the idea that you should commit adultery with a
women; Satan at the same time generates a feeling of happiness in your body to trick you in believing that you

are doing something lawful and at the same time your companion devil whispers an idea in your head telling
you that: if it feels so good how can it be wrong?.
The question now arises as to how Satan can generate these feelings in the human body. The answer is stated in the same verse in the Noble Qur’an where Allah (God) Almighty tells us that Satan generates these feelings by stimulating certain neural nodes in the human brain. These nodes are stimulated when Satan whispers His ideas of Harm, Lust, and Blasphemy to you, such that when the vibrations generated from Satan’s voice passes through the neural nodes in the human brain which are responsible for generating various feelings in the human body it causes these nodes to be stimulated thereby generating chemicals which go through the body which in turn generate feelings that match the content of the ideas whispered by Satan. These nodes can be found in the human brain, where the brain contains groupings of neurons which form what are called neural nodes as shown

These neural nodes when stimulated can produce feelings of happiness, sadness, thrill, etc. Thus the second way Satan attacks human by is by stimulating neural nodes in the human brain to produce feelings that reinforce the ideas He just whispered to people. It is worth discussing further the reason why Satan generates such feelings by stimulating neural nodes in the human brain. Allah (God) Almighty states in the Noble Qur’an that Satan tries to make you believe His lies.
Thus if Satan only whispered these ideas in your head they will not carry the same weight compared to the case when you hear these ideas and at the same time you feel feelings in your body that reinforce them. This is a way of Satan to make you see a wrong deed as a good one and a good deed as a wrong one.
The following two examples demonstrate the use of this method by Satan:

1. Encouraging adultery: Satan comes to every human with ideas telling him (like he or she is thinking to
oneself) that you must enjoy life and that adultery is a normal human action and that your body needs it. At the
same time Satan produces a feeling in your body by stimulating neural nodes in the human brain to produce a
feeling of happiness and thrill. And when you experience such feelings Satan whispers to you that since you feel this much happiness, thus the action you are going to do must be right.

2. Dis-encouraging becoming a Muslim: When a person starts pondering upon Islam and The Noble Qur’an,
Satan comes to that person with ideas in his or her mind like:
Look at Muslims how barbaric they are and that they do this and that.
The Noble Qur’an encourages polygamy, how uncivilized.
If you think about these ideas you realize that they are all oriented to drive you away from The Noble Qur’an
and the guidance of Allah (God) Almighty. This highlights the point that Satan is an open enemy to you and He
does not want you to see the truth and the mercy of Allah (God) Almighty contained in the Noble Qur’an.

Satan effect in dreams:
The third way Satan affects you by is stated in The Noble Qur’an and in the teachings of Prophet Mohammad
(PBUH). Where Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) states that if you see a bad dream (i.e. a dream where you see horrifying scenes, you feel anguish and pain, commit perverted sexual acts, etc.) This dream is from Satan and you should not tell others about what you saw in it.

The first question that arises from the above discussion is the following; how can Satan generate a bad dream?
The answer to this question is that Satan can take the form of the people you know like your mother, sister, and father and then He tries to make you think in your dream that you did something perverted. The second question is: why did Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) instruct us not to tell others about what you hear and see in a dream from Satan?
The answer to this question shows the wisdom of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). The reason you should not tell others about what you see and hear in a dream from Satan is that it contains misguidance and lies that if shared with others might cause confusion and misguidance to the people you shared it with.

Hey Everyone, I hope I put the right thing up. I just wanted to show everyone that the weapon so many American and other countries are this time for (WE The People of the) United States  need to start asking questions. If we do not. It will become as written. A mark on your right hand or on your forehead. It says in the bible that in the coming days We The People would know the coming of God. We are close to that point in life, We are going to have to make decisions. Ether we stand up in believe in what is right. We may evolved what it look like is happening. I will not be a slave to no group or no man nor woman. But if we do not get the United States to pass a law on using Military Biological Weapons on American Citizens. Then we are going to face...... 

We are heading towards this time and point in history.    

It is time now to let everyone know. Do you believe? or Do you not?

My name is Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt I was born to believe in one God. The true creator of all life. What I have wrote out is the truth.

And to Eric S Phillips

You need to call the Joint Terrorism Task Force FBI-RA or the Naval Criminal Investigation Service
And return the naval bio-chip and the naval microchips and the naval military auditory weapon (WMD)

JTTF-FBI-RA 1-850-432-3476
or the
NCIS-RA 1-901-874-5389

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