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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Need to call and clean your name!!!

Hey Eric S Phillips.

 Your needed ??????
You need to call the Joint  Terrorism Task Force of the FBI- RA -Phone Number 1-850-432-3476
 just ask for Agent John Cannon. His office hours are M-F 8am to 5pm.
If his office is closed you can leave a message. or call the other number 1-904-248-7000
they are open 24 / 7 / 365

Or you Eric Phillips!!!
Can call the Naval Criminal Investigation Service NCIS-RA - Phone number 1-901-874-5389
ask for David Cannon . Their office hours are M-F 8am 5pm or you can leave him a message.
But the main NCIS office is open all the time. You can talk to any Agent that answer the phone. Just tell them who you are? And they will know why you are calling them.

You should call Old Uncle Sam, Eric S.Phillips!!!!
You must think about your future and your name Eric S. Phillips. I Michael Anthony turned in Eric S. Phillips to the Federal Law for stealing Naval Military Weapons such as naval microchips, human implantable naval bio chips and a naval military ionizing microwave auditory directed energy weapon  That is a weapon of war!
I Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt told the JTTF-FBI-RA and the Military NCIS-RA that Eric S Phillips is and as been trying to kill me over a Lawsuit I was apart of. The lawsuit can be found in the Birmingham Legal file department on the fifth floor room 500. The lawsuit was over Owners of Amerex Corporation Embezzling money out of their Employees payroll.Lawsuit date 1985-1986 after this lawsuit in 1987 Amerex Corporation  came out with a true retirement plan. That the employees knew about....But back to Eric Phillips if you can read? The Federal Government knows all about me, and they know all about you Eric S. Phillips... You need to call them Eric S Phillips!!!!

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