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Monday, October 31, 2011

Time for a change

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted everyone to see that when the FBI sent me out to find victims here in Alabama I did. this is the first two people I ran into here in Alabama. We got together and put down certain things that is happening too us and I mailed it out too so many Government People. These people could be one of Eric S Phillips Group victims here in Alabama..

I mailed this to the FBI and to all my contacts that I have listed out for everyone.

Office of the Attorney General
500 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, Al. 36130

United States Senator of Alabama Richard Shelby
304 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions
326 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510 -0104

Capitol Hill Office
2246 Rayburn House Building,
Washington, DC, 20515
 Attn: Mr. Spencer Bachus

Federal Bureau of Investigation 
125 West Romana Street, Suite 650
Pensacola, Florida 32502
To: Joint Terrorism Task Force
Attn: Agent John Cannon

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Jacksonville Division Headquarters
6061 Gate Parkway
Jacksonville, Florida 32256
 Attn: Joint Terrorism Task Force

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office
2200 Eight Ave. North
Birmingham Alabama 35203
Attn: Mike Hale

U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
 Washington, DC 20530-0001

 The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W
Washington, DC 20500
 Attn; President Obama

with the stolen Naval Microchips and the Naval Bio-Chips and the stolen Naval Microwave Ionizing EMF VLF Auditory Military Weapon that Eric S Phillips stole from the United States Naval Defense Department. he could have this many people stalked, Harassed, Tortured and Killed off slowly. The United States Navy has the weapon marked off as a (WMD) Weapon of Mass Destruction. I do not know everything but with the weapon he has he could kill this many people and not get caught. That is what Eric S Phillips told me back in January 1999-2000

So if a person is reading this blog. And you know this Eric S Phillips and know what he stole from the United States Defense Department.And If you are a American Citizen that stands against terrorism. Then do the right thing call one of the numbers I have listed out at the bottom and stop this New Form of Terrorism Eric S Phillips is doing.

                                                      Eric S Phillips

 This man is a traitor of the United States. He stole a Weapon, Microchips, Bio-chips from the United States Naval Defense Department. I am Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt, I have reported Eric S Phillips already to the Law Enforcement and to the United States Military. So all you have to do is call one of the departments I have listed below and say my name or Eric S Phillips And The United States Law enforcement and Naval Criminal Investigation Service will know who and what you are talking about. And will take care of of you.The United Military has open a case on this matter. It was order by the President of The United States. If you want to go to jail like Eric S Phillips is going too. Then be a coward like him and hide. Or protect your family, your country, and your fellow man! Call the numbers I have provided for you. I know he is out to kill me for Mrs. Goldie Paine family. 

 I have seen this man and his group at work.They caused a two week old infant to fight for breath. Just because the child is my great nephew. They used the weapon on the infant because they must have thought it would be a good way to try and intimidate me. I was holding the infant. I heard them outside my house telling me to put the infant down. I did not listen too them I just held a new member to my family. They kept telling me to put the infant down. And then said you are going to see what I can do if you do not put the infant down. Then the next thing I know the infant stop breathing. They transmitted toward me and said see what we can do. then said we will do it again if you do not put the infant down. I could not believe what they did to a infant. They were shooting radiation microwaves into a new born infant child and caused the infant to stop breathing. They did this three times I call out to my niece to come and get her child. I pushed away from the infant from then on.

Eric S Phillips is a traitor of the United States. I can not write down what I want to say. But he is a forty years old man who is using a military weapon on american citizens he try to intimidate by using the life of a new born child. The child mother told me when her and her husband lived here with me during her time of becoming a mother. That the night she went into labor she saw a laser like light shining through her window. She told me that the light started out small then became bigger and each time the light became lager her contraction became stronger. Eric has a few people that live here in Grayson Valley. And they are using a stolen military weapon on disable people and on children and on pregnant woman and on infant babies. What I just wrote is the truth so help me God. Because Eric S Phillips has Mrs Goldie Paine supporting him and paying him for torturing stalking harassing and killing Americans Citizens. Who filed a lawsuit on her and her husband Edger (Ned) Paine  the owners of Amerex Corporation company back in 1985-1986.Amerex Embezzlement was and still is against the law.

But I know they have a traitor of the United States. That stole a Naval Military Microwave Auditory weapon from the United State Naval Defense Department. They can kill anyone they want to and not get caught. I am going to go and get a copy of this lawsuit just to prove to everyone I am telling the truth. I sent Edgar (Ned) Paine a letter about what Eric S Phillips had stole from the United States Navy. But Mr Paine returned the letter back to me. With out even reading it. This is a copy of the letter I sent out to Edgar (Ned) Paine.

I still have the regional letter but I have not open it. It is still in the envelope I mailed it out in to Edgar Ned Paine. I am waiting until the (JTTF-FBI-RA) and the (NCIS-RA) comes in to get Eric S Phillips. And then I will show them the letter and tell them who all is involved with this new form of terrorism Eric S Phillips is running. But I know who is paying him.

So this go out to the cowards like Eric S Phillips.
Do the right thing!!!!.
I know there is at least four people that I think Eric S Phillips has using the weapon he stole from the United States Navy . But I have to wait 90 days before the Naval Department will know it is alright to talk to me. It is all because of the investigation the NCIS-RA of the United States is doing.

 I have been posting this type of material up about Eric S Phillips. For about a month now. I have not seen any charge of slander or the law with a warrant for my arrest yet. Eric S Phillips, brother Troy Phillips, told me that he was going to sue me for slander three months ago.He told me that if I did not stop telling everyone about the theft his brother done. I hate to tell Eric S Phillips brother this but the truth is not slander Phillips. It is the truth. Everyone has been reading all about me and Eric S Phillips on my blog. There has been over 1300 people that has read my blog. about the torture that I have faced and have been posting up everyday for over a month now. 

I know that a few of the people that have read this blog knows Eric S Phillips.They also know what he is doing to me and other american citizen.

It is up to them to now to stand for the right way in life. Or become afraid of telling the truth to anyone about Eric S Phillips.The phone numbers I have been posting up for everyone to see. They are mainly for (Eric S Phillips). But I want to show everyone the lawsuit that was filed in 1985-1986 against Amerex Corporation over them stealing money from their own employees. Here is a copy of the last form letter I sent out to Mrs Goldie Paine.

This is a copy of a letter that I took to Mrs. Goldie Paine in person.It is the last half of the whole letter but covers all that I have said to everyone. If anyone needs to talk to me about what I am doing. Let me Know okay?

The numbers that are listed out here are for Eric S Phillips to call and do the right thing. Because I have reported what he stole from the United States Naval Defense Department too the (JTTF-FBI-RA) and to the (NCIS-RA). If I was Eric S Phillips I would have already called them to clear my name. But now it is a federal case he will have to take a lie detector test to prove I am not telling the truth. But if I was not a traitor like Eric S Phillips is. I would call the departments and get a Attorney and sue me. But he can not. Do the right thing Eric S Phillips.

 Phone Numbers

Federal Bureau of Investigation                                                 
Agent on Duty

Federal Bureau of Investigation                                                  
Jacksonville Division Headquarters
Joint Terrorism Task Force

 Federal Bureau of Investigation                                                  
Pensacola, Florida
Agent John Cannon

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office                                                 
Sheriff Mike Hale

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