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Monday, October 17, 2011

The torture of a person that has been marked out

Hey Everyone,

I am sorry that I have not been trying to stay in stay in-contact with everyone lately. This weekend turned out too be a very painful weekend. What I am saying is, I am a victim that is being tortured by a weapon I can not see or stop.But I can feel the impulses of electrical energy hitting me that is being transmitted from a auditory EMF VLF ionizing microwave weapon.  I am a victim that wishes he was given a chance to defend himself.. I am a victim that has worried about the United States. I know that there is one Domestic Terrorist Group here in Alabama and I have reported it to all State Government of Alabama, Jefferson County Sheriff Department, FBI, NCIS, JTTF-FBI-RA and to the President of the United States. I was told by Agent David Cannon that the Presidential Commission of Bioethics  (President) called him and told the Agent to open a case of investigation on and about the implantable naval bio chips , naval microchips and the auditory weapon Eric S Phillips stole from the Naval Base he was station at in Pensacola Florida.That he as been using on God knows how many american citizens. But I am one of the american citizen that Eric S. Phillips thought about money and fame. And I can prove that, Eric S Phillips is using a ionizing impulse radiation directed energy weapon. On me and other American Citizen.

(RFID) Bio chip

I get hit  everyday, by electrical shock waves. that fires off the internal bio chip. That Eric S. Phillips stabbed into me back in 2004-2005.  The Joint Terrorism Task Force FBI- RA of the United States told me on March 7th 2011 That I had been implanted with a naval bio chip. That fires up pressure in my chest area and abdominal area and my lungs and other internal organs, . Eric S Phillips use my rib cage like a sound room for electrical vibration. That cause the bio chip that he stabbed into my left shoulder to transmit ionizing radiation trough my central never system. This past weekend I was at Brookwood Hospital. because Eric S. Phillips group hept a line on me that was heavy and hard  pain  that caused my heart to beat irregularly. My heart was skipping rhythms, and it caused me to have high blood pressure, I know I have posted this up before but I just want everyone to see that I know and my Cardiologist knows I have no heart problem.

See no Heart problem..........

 the United States Navy knows Eric S. Phillips stole a WMD weapon from them The State Government knows the State Law Departments know and all Southeast Federal Agencies know what Eric S. Phillips stole from the United States Navy Defense Department. They also know Eric S . Phillips was being trained a  Nuclear Sub-Pilot and he has been trained by the United States Navy  has trained him in Microwave Warfare. I know there is a Domestic Terrorist Group here in Alabama and Eric S Phjillips is using a Naval Ionizing microwave radiation transmitting Auditory Weapon on American Citizens. And the NCIS-RA  telling me that the weapon I have been reporting to them. That Eric S Phillips stole from the USA Navy DOD was a Weapon of Mass Destruction a WMD.  I think that the United States should protect the citizens of the United States. and do what the law states should be done.



The United State Naval Investigation Service told me that the weapon I had reported to them was a (WMD) on March 7th 2011

And they need to take a look at 


This picture below is a Naval Military Auditory  Weapons lay out for attack.....

This is a EEG I had in 2009. By Dr. Pearlman is a Neurologist at brookwood hospital. Take a look at the 10hz signal format that the Doctor caught on a overnight EEG seizure scan.

 I get hit by ionizing microwaves radiation EMF VLF feed waves everyday  twenty four hours everyday that is. But I am a strong man. I can handle a lot of pain. But this testimony from two woman make me want too fire the United States Congress for not enacting a law against this type of abuse. The United States Navy told me on March 7th 2011 the weapon I told them was stole by Eric S. Phillips is a (WMD) so they should go by TITLE 50 > CHAPTER 40 CHAPTER 40—DEFENSE AGAINST WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. 

I thought that this would be the right thing too post up.Too maybe show everyone why the United States should sop this form of torture that this two woman testimonies talks about, This is the transcripts I got from   4th meeting of the Presidential Commission of the Study of Bioethics read what the two woman talk about, Hear how dangerous the weapon Eric S. Phillips stole from the Navy is. And read the name of what they cause this type of Terrorism is (no-touch torture)..You will see how domestic terrorist attacks can be. And if the United States does not stop this form of terrorism all men, woman, and child. are not going to be safe,


Hi, I am Debra Poulsen from Kenosha, Wisconsin.
I am going to refer to a paper from Professor McCoy at the University of Wisconsin on no-touch torture. He talks about a total assault on all senses and sensibilities, auditory, visual, tactile, temporal, temperature, and survival, refined through years of practice. Sensory disorientation relies on a mix of sensory overload and sensory deprivation via banal procedures, isolation, by intense interrogation, heat and cold, light and dark, noise and silence or a systematic attack on all human stimuli.
I have been a human subject for experimentation for almost two years and I stand with, I have contacted Dr. Hall, I stand with a very large group. Excuse me I am very nervous but I am very tired of having my rights taken away. And thank you for hearing me and thank you for the others. I would like some help. Thank you

this lady talks about the same type of weapon. But the weapon is being used on her and her child.


My name is Kathryn Nestor and I am from Pennsylvania.
This Commission has spoken of a long history of abuse of the human research subject. Although no one mentioned MKULTRA today, President Clinton recently apologized for this.
My young child and I have been used as nonconsensual test subjects. We have been subjected to COINTELPRO‑like stalking, remote neuromonitoring and electromagnetic torture, resulting in psychological and physical damage. And I won’t go into the details of that because I have four pages written in here. It is very similar to Connie’s testimony.
Please do not wait 70 years to investigate this. I ask Dr. Amy Gutmann to begin today. There is new work for the Commission for human subject protection on our shores. And please give us a dramatic response, Susan. And please give us a congressional hearing. Thank you.

Eric S Phillips has a Naval Military Ionizing Microwave Auditory Weapon. And that is the truth so help me GOD. He as trained a Domestic Terrorist Group here in the State of Alabama.

 So Eric S Phillips you stole a weapon from the United States Naval Defense Department. And I Eric S. Phillips have turned you into the Federal and Naval Military Law Enforcement. The reason I done this is because you are a traitor of the United States and a thief that stole the items I have listed out for you you stole and are using on american citizens in the United States. 

And if you don't know? The weapon you have is a very dangerous weapon. One other thing, The United States Military has open a investigation case up on and about all the a temps you have tried to kill me with a stolen naval military weapon. I could not serve as a junior for the Birmingham Courts because of the assault attacks you do to me. And because of the naval bio chip you implanted into me against my knowledge of. Because you stabbed it into my left back shoulder , 

ust to let you know how serous this is. The Militarily Investigation that is open, And being investigated by the NCIS-RA is labeled TOP SECRET.

So Eric S Phillips are you going to listen or keep thinking you are going to get away with murdering me with the weapon you stole. I have talked to the United States Congress Eric S. Phillips they called me Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt and  told me to file assault charges against you Eric. S Phillips. But I know you have a terrorist group trained and formed here in Alabama.
And they all have too be caught too.
                                                                       Eric S Phillips


You need to contact the United States Navy NCIS-RA or the JTTF-FBI-RA.                                                     and return the items you stole from the Naval Defense Department in Pensacola Florida
The bags of .
Naval Bio Chips
Naval Microchips
And the weapon Eric that you stole from the United States Military the.
Naval Ionizing Microwave Auditory Weapon (WMD)
here are the numbers and address I have mailed out to and have been talking too and all addressed and the Agents names are on here. Its up to you Eric S Phillips. keep thinking that you are Buck Rogers in the Twenty Five Century. And keep thinking there is noway the VLF waves can be traced. Eric S Phillips you need to call me or the federal government..

Phone Numbers

Federal Bureau of Investigation       1-205-356-6166   
Agent on Duty

Federal Bureau of Investigation      1-904-248-7000
Jacksonville Division Headquarters
Joint Terrorism Task Force

 Federal Bureau of Investigation    1-850-432-3476
Pensacola, Florida
Agent John Cannon

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office  1-205-325-5700
Sheriff Mike Hale

This past few weeks sense the NCIS-RA has open a case up. I have been getting hit pretty hard. October the 3 2011 really let me know you are really want me dead. I have known that you have been working and trying to kill me with out getting caught. But if I die or not the Federal Government wants to talk to you Eric S. Phillips. And I think you are being paid to do what you are doing. And I know it is all over a few contract agreements between Amerex Corporation and myself that was agreed on by Me and Mrs. Goldie Paine President and Owner of Amerex Corporation.
Are you mad about who I am and you are not. Or is she paying you some money. To torture me and my family and make all the deaths look like they were all natural deaths. Or is she not wanting to pay me what she owes me Talk to Mrs Paine and ask her if she signed a contract agreement with me Eric S. Phillips. Or are you using the naval military auditory weapon on her and her family????????

Call me Eric S Phillips my house number is still the same. You can asking anyone. Or look in the phone book Eric. Look up under Shaneyfelt  my address is the same. still in Grayson Valley 2487 Martin Road Birmingham Alabama 35235

Come on out and be a man!
Or hide like a traitor and terrorist does????.

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