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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Truth on October 08,2011 11:59 am

  I have known a man for a long time. That stole Naval Military Microchips, Naval Bio Chips, and a Auditory Weapon from the United States Defense Department. This man is using the weapon he stole on American Citizens and has trained other citizens in the United States on how to use the Naval Military Auditory weapon. This man has started and formed a Domestic Terrorist  Group here in the State of Alabama
This group of people are out using a Naval Microwave Warfare Weapon..

 Microwave (EMF) (VLF) Auditory Transmitting Directed Energy Weapon.That transmissions out a very low frequencies (VLF) waves ionizing radiation that can kill a person. The military microwave auditory transmission weapon that Eric S Phillips stole from the United States Military Naval Defense Department. He has been using it here in the State of Alabama on several american citizens and I am one of  those citizens I am a victim. The United States Navy Military Naval Criminal Investigation Service has Eric S Phillips  name and my name Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt.on a case file marked (Top Secret.)

 Eric S, Phillips stole the weapon from the United States Naval Defense Department back in 1990-1991  The reason Eric S Phillips has formed a Terrorist Group here Birmingham Alabama in the United States. That Eric S. Phillips told me that he had trained a few people back in 2004. The people he trained are here in Trussville, Center Point, and Clay areas of Alabama. Eric S. Phillips showed to the items that he stole from the United States Naval Defense Department and he told me his plans on what he was wanting and going to do with the weapon and items he stole from the Untied States Naval Defense Department  Eric S Phillips showed me and talk to me, about the items it stole and his planes on what he wanted to do with a Military Auditory Weapon.  Eric Phillips rented a room out from me around January 1991- 2000 at

   1716 Republic Road Mt. Olive Al, 35235.

 The items Eric S Phillips showed to me were in Blueish-Greenish naval stock bags. the bags had five to six Bio chips or Microchips inside of the bags he has. The naval stock numbers were still on the outside of the bag US-000000.  It look like he had been keeping the items in a safe place Before he showed them to me. Eric S Phillips told me  about his arrested in Pensacola Florida. Then showed me the items of the Military that he stole. When this happen I did not know what to think. about what he was asking me. (
(He? Eric S Phillips asked me to go out and asset him with stalking, harassing, torturing and killing american citizens).

When he asked me this question. I thought I was talking to a child (That need medical attention

I have talked to victims here in Alabama  and in Georgia,  Tennessee, Mississippi, and in Florida all over the southeastern part of the United State. The Birmingham Federal Bureau of Investigation told me that they wanted me to go out and find other victims like myself..

So when the Birmingham FBI gave me rights to look and talk about the affects of a  Naval Microwave Auditory Weapons on today's citizenry  and  go out to find other victims like myself. I found Six other people here in the State of Alabama. I have talked to hundreds of victims across the  Not too long after all this happen. I went and gave public testimony on what I am writing down to inform other citizens and people in the United States. That you need to know and learn about protection from (VFL) (EMF) energy sound waves and ionizing radiation. There are reasons to look into this.

 I went to Washington D.C  to address the use of Microwave Auditory Transmission Weapons on American Citizens.  I talked about Microwave Warfare. I told them the United States is facing a growing form of terrorist who are in the United States using Military Grade Microwave Warfare on and against the American Population. Th United States  Presidential Bioethics Medical Commission cut off half of my testimony because of United States Military being a part of that action of Eric S Phillips.. And the assaults that are happening to me and thousand of people across the United States.

 Eric S. Phillips told me how he could kill a person with the weapon he stole. He said that he would never get caught for murdering the person he killed with the Military weapon.. The weapon can cause a person to have a heart attack, a stroke, a seizures, affect their nerves. cause a person to fall into a coma. The .ionizing radiation energy can affect and damage a person  heart, lungs ,bladder, kidneys, colon, central nerves system and all their internal organs and internal cells growth.

 The United States Defense Department (USNDD) knows about the weapon Eric S. Phillips stole from them. And knows that Eric S Phillips has trained other people on how to use the weapon Eric S Phillips stole. They know he has formed a Domestic Terrorist Group here in Alabama.

 Trussville, Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, is the places some of the victims live in or near.
 The (Domestic Terrorism Group) in the State of Alabama is using a weapon that was stole from the Naval Defense Department by a Traitor of this Country. The mans name is (Eric S Phillips).

This Military Microwave Auditory Weapon stimulates the hair cells of a humans auditory nerve.They do this by using (VLF) tone waves and (EMF) electromagnetic frequencies.This is the way they get into your nerves system. your auditory nerve stimulation is your on personal nerve I cal it the energy ID. If you hear a strong solid high pitch tone in one of your ears that you just cant stop. You could be a victim that is being stalked , Harassed,  and Tortured by a group of Domestic Terrorist

Eric S Phillips showed me the naval auditory weapon , naval microwave chips, and naval bio chips that he stole from the Naval Defense Department. And this weapon can cause health affects dealing with psychical pain, emotionally mood changes, and psychological outrages.The electrical (EMF) stigmatization waves can be transmitted at a person from hundreds a miles away. And the a flow of ionizing radiation energy can affect your health.

 The induced electrical vibrating of microwave transmitting that goes through a person body the walls of their house and through some forms of metal. Can causes a person a lot of medical problems. The United States Navy told me that the weapon Eric Phillips stole the weapon from the Defense Department.The Commanding Officer of the Naval Criminal Investigation Service told me the weapon was and is a Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD), When the Commander of the Naval Criminal Investigation Service order me to call the Joint Terrorism Task Force of the United States (JTTF-FBI-RA). I did so..

If you know anything about what I have posted up please call me at 205-259-6271
I would be happy to talk to anyone about what I have said and what I want  to stop
 (New Form of Terrorism).
Please call the FBI, NCIS,or the Police Department and inform them of what you know,
Please call any federal department.
I.Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt am a witness for the United States Naval Criminal Investigation Service and for the United States Joint Terrorism Task Force ( JTTF-FBI-RA).And I am a victim of electronic assaults. I want to stop this new form of  Terrorism. I need help to help save thousand of American Citizens life's that are like me a victim.of electronic assaults and attacks across the United States.
Please Help Me Stand Up
Fight and Defend our American rights to be free.
Form Torture and Terrorism...

This is Eric S. Phillips.
A Traitor of the United States
Leader of a Domestic Terrorist Group  
Here in the United States

I got this Photo off of facebook

This Man has a Weapon of War. That he stole from the United State Naval Defense Department at the Naval  Base he was station at in Pensacola Florida, He has been trained by the United State Navy in Microwave Warfare.

 Please read what I have posted up on my blog..
Write down the numbers I have listed out for everyone to see,
Call the Federal Departments of the United States (FBI), (NCIS) (NSA) (FCC) (Congress) the                   (Local Jefferson County Sheriff Department) the (Presidential Bioethics Commission of the United States).

Help me stop this form of Stalking, Harassing, Torturing and Killing of Innocent American Citizens.
Please read what I have posted up....
I Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt (Booze) and am telling you, or whoever that knows Eric S Phillips.
Please let him know that I Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt has contacted with the (NCIS-RA)
(United States Joint Terrorism Task Force JTTF-FBI-RA)
And a investigation has been open upped on this matter I have wrote down.
I have My Medical Records and the Federal Government
So, make sure to tell Eric S Phillips, he needs to call the (NCIS-RA) and the( JTTF-FBI-RA)
Call the numbers that are on this blog.,
Tell Eric S. Phillips he needs to call the Naval Base he was station at.
And  try to clear his report and his record and his name quickly.....
Tell him, that I have turned him into the Navy on the theft of the weapons he has stole.
Eric it is Time........

Contact the Commission
General Inquiries
1425 New York Avenue, NW
Suite C-100
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 233-3960, phone
(202) 233-3990, fax
Media Inquiries Only
Hillary Wicai Viers
Communications Director
(202) 233-3960

And to Agents of the Naval Criminal Investigation Service
Agent Harrison 2005-2006 1-901-874-5387
Agent Bukman 2008-2008  1-202-433-1527
Agent Carlos    2011-2011   1-901-874-5387
Agent Cannon 2011- 2011  1-901-874-5389

 To the Joint Terrorism Task force of the United States
In Jacksonville Florida 2011-2011 1-904-248-7000 Agent on Duty
In Pensacola Florida    2011-2011 1-850-432-3476 Agent on Duty

It Is up too all of us in this world to stand up against this form of Terrorism. If you know Eric S, Pillips  please tell him he needs to contact the NCIS and the JTTF -FBI- RA . Because I Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt have reported him to the federal law on what he stole from the United States Navy. The Joint Terorism Department of the United State would like to talk to him. Thank You

Michael Shaneyfelt
List of Federal Agents and Government Offices I have contacted..

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