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Thursday, October 13, 2011

When I see a photo or a image like this everyday. I wonder how many people in this world know the real world. Because we all live in a world of electromagnetic microwave warfare world. I know that the truth sound crazy. But if the people could see the electromagnetic waves that is around them everyday they would think they lived inside a world of nothing but rainbows. From all the (EMF) colorful waves.
I wish I could see a image like this and not think about the radiation that is all round us.

 I wonder about people that dont know about auditory ionizing VLF EMF radiation transmission.

I look at this image and I can not help but think about and wonder about? All the kids in the world, and all the family's in the world.
My name is Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt and I am a victim, and a witness for the United State Naval Criminal Investigation Service of the United State. I have reported to the United States Naval Department about the theft of a electromagnetic auditory weapon and naval bio-chips and naval microwave chips that was stolen by Eric S Phillips. The (NCIS-RA) called me and asked me if I wanted them to open up a investigation. About and on what I have been reporting to them sense 2005. I told Agent Cannon the Agent that called me. That I wanted him to open a investigation and file charges against Eric S Phillips for tempting to kill me with a very curl and slow killing weapon. So I Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt am a witness for the United States Navy, Because Eric S. Phillips stole a (WMD) from the United States Navy. And with this weapon he stole. He has been trying to kill me and I think also kill other people. He is using a weapon that makes him think he can kill a person Man, Woman, or Child. And he will not get caught or charged for murdering anyone he picks out.  Eric S. Phillips is using a form of Microwave Warfare. He is using this style of action against and on American Citizens. He has a stolen naval military electromagnetic ionizing microwave auditory weapon. That can harm any person like myself and kill them. It dont matter if you are inside your home, or at in a building at work. They have used and transmitted EMF waves into Brookwood Hospital, Jefferson County Court House, And the United States Court House, and even into the meeting I went to in Washington DC. Which was the Presidential Commission of Bioethics. He is using the weapon he stole against the United States. All the people I have talked to over the southeast of the United States. Who are victims of electronic warfare weapons. Could be victims of Eric S. Phillips. The Joint Terrorism Task Force on March 7th asked me how large of a transmission station did Eric S. Phillips have set up. I can say I have been to Washington, Georgia, Florida, Memphis Tennessee, all over the southeast and I always feel the bio-chip Eric S Phillips stabbed into me. Firing off and receiving transmission. So I would have to say Eric S. Phillips has a pretty big transmission set up.Or he is paying a lot of people who is in the Domestic Terrorist Group he has formed here in Alabama. The electrical pressure that builds up inside of me from the bio-chip and. Has caused me to have HEART, KIDNEY, LUNGS, BLADDER, COLON, and other internal problems that by my medical records I should not be having. But the naval microchips and the transmitter and amplifier Eric S. Phillips has the naval microchip in. Can piggyback off all the cell phone towers. Because the signal is so low the phone companies may not even notice the electrical incoming feed. From off the naval military ionizing microwave auditory transmissions. I know they have it set up like a naval sonar track and feed. That allows them to follow me on a tone beep sound. That shows them where to keep the electrical ionizing auditory feed aimed on me. I am a person that was marked. But I still have my faith in law. The VLF electromagnetic waves  are something everyone should study up on and about. Please read about MKULTRA go to this site and read what has happen to other American Citizens. That this type of weapon was used on. You can go to
or for the United States History Records you can go to.

But I know one thing tho. Eric S Phillips this is up to you man. I put some phone numbers on this blog for you to see. Or someone who knows you to see. You really need to call the numbers Eric S. Phillips.....

Don't you Easy -E?

Know that you need to call the Joint Terrorism Task Department of the FBI. And turn yourself into them. Remember you showed me what you stole from the United States Naval Defense Department in Pensacola Florida Eric S. Phillips. Don't you remember that.

JTTF FBI -RA  1-901-248-7000

Tell them you saw this on Google Blog (ak) Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt website.
and tell them you want to know what I had said to them about you. Make sure you tell them you did not steal the items you stole from the United States Navy. That could be bad for you. And you might want to call the United States Naval Investigation Service too. I Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt told them all about what you did. And all about you Eric S Phillips.  Remember you showed me the bio-chips and the microchips that were in a naval stock bags. They still had the naval stock numbers on the bags that you showed to me. And I told me that you and another seaman stole the items you showed to me. I told them the same thing you told me. Remember the seaman said to you Eric S. Phillips. The Navy has taken themselves away from you Eric. So you take this from them and go make you some money. Remember that Eric S Phillips. I think that what you have done and what you have been doing . With the weapon and the items you stole from the United States Navy was wrong and is wrong. I wonder how many ex-naval personal done the same thing you have done Eric S. Phillips. You need to know the Military told me the items you stole from them are listed as a (WMD) really!!! You need to call!!!!

NCIS-RA 1-901-874-5389

and oh yea, do me a favor when you call them. Tell them your real name Eric S Phillips..... Because they already know who I am Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt. And Eric did you see that I have spelled my name right this time. I did it just for you and you know who tell them all I said hello. Can you see or tell (Y) Eric S. Phillips. I just wonder if you can read and see that all I am sending out too the people around the world.  And that I know I am telling them the truth. I hope they are not like you tho. Because it seams you have a problem understanding the law.  This is by law a 90 days notice you could say....

I talk to Troy your brother about all this a few months ago. In was up in Washington DC. I sent him a email and called him also. And told him what I have done about you. He got a little crazy. He emailed me and he said that he was going to call a lawyer and file a slander charge against me for telling the United States Military about what you stole from them.  I guess he does not like a man like me that tells the truth about what you have done Eric S. Phillips. I guess you need to call him and tell him we are world wide now. And don't ask me (Y)??? Just call the NCIS-RA or the JTTF-FBI-RA and change!!!!

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