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Sunday, November 13, 2011


There is compelling evidence that classified "Directed Energy Weapons Technology", "Microwave Lasers", "Sonic Weapons", "Infrasound" and "Sonic Weaponry Technology" developed by the U.S. Government is in the hands of hate groups and organized crime. These covert weapons are said to be used secretly and silently to harass loyal Americans, strangle their businesses and gain control of their assets.

Targeted Individuals (or TIs as they call themselves) warn that so long as these weapons technologies remain classified, responsible government and law enforcement agencies cannot protect them and other Americans, families and businesses from these threats.

How Could This Happen ?

The U.S. Government does not build bombers or battleships. It contracts with outside private companies to procure Military / Military Procurement Products and Programs. Most military research and development remains classified unless there are compelling reasons to make it public.

Some of this electronic harassment technology is said to have leaked from these private defense contractors into the hands of organized crime and hate groups. To date, the U.S. Government has been reluctant to admit publicly that the threat exists or that they have lost control of the technology.

Why Is It So Hard To Detect ?

Most bio-affective sonic and electro magnetic frequencies lie in the extremely low frequency range of 5 to 200 cycles per second which mimic and parallel the electronic functioning of the human nervous system.

Since there are relatively few legitimate commercial uses for these extremely low frequency transmissions, test equipment to detect and prove their use is not currently available for a reasonable price.

What Are The Effects Of These Directed Energy Weapons ?

It is well known and well documented that microwave and extremely low frequency Extremely low frequency sonic and electromagnetic frequencies can disorient and disrupt human functioning, cause memory loss and confusion. Some frequencies are said to induce cancer, heart attack or stroke. Recent publicity about "Active Denial Technologies " indicate they cause pain, serious injury and even death.

If the charges are correct and this classified, covert technology is in the hands of organized crime and hate groups, the implications freedom and future is frightening

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