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Sunday, November 13, 2011

I became a victim

Hey Everyone,

I am about to put up way I became a victim. Then let you see why I think Spike Lemaster is paying Eric S Phillips to slowly kill me. I hand delivered a copy of this to Lightning Strikes and Amerex Corporation with a police officer.It is a long letter and I was mad. So do not hold my English skills against me.

To Who Ever This May Concerns;  
May 5, 2009

The President of Amerex,
Or Miss Goldie Paine,
Or The Owners of Lightning Strikes Family Fun Center

My name is Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt
I have already mailed out three Notary Letters to
The President of Amerex Corporation
To Miss Goldie Paine
And to Lighting Strikes Family Fun Center
On April 7, 2009

I am attempting to get in contact with Miss Goldie Paine!
She and I need to have a meeting and talk about My Retirement!
Where ever She chooses? I really need to talk to Her about
 Our agreements that she and I agreed on! That we made At Amerex Corporation When she was the President of the Company! And I need to talk to her about the Money Waiver! That Miss Paine had me to sign in 1986!

Please do not think that I don’t respect Miss Goldie Paine?
Because I do! I just need to talk to Miss Goldie Paine about My Retirement and My Investments and about My Ideas! That She and I had made Agreements and Contracts over! That I have and did entrusted with Miss Paine!

I and Miss Goldie Paine have known each other for about Twenty Five years!                 I have even worked for her before at Amerex Corporation!
But now I need to talk to her about a man named Mister Larry Robinson! And what this man had said to me! That he and Miss Paine knew who had forged my name! On some type of release form! And tried and may have stolen from me what I and Miss Paine had agreed on! And signed contracts over!

My Investments, My Retirement Investments, and My Contract Agreements, that were based on my ideas that I had shared With Miss Paine!  
I really need to talk to Miss Goldie Paine!

And by Law have the right to know who the person is! That forged my name and stole My Investments!   
Miss Paine I remember the last time I talked to you about
This! Which we talked to each other about this! At Your company!
 (Lightning Strikes Family Fun Center)

And I came up there to talk to you right after I had heard from Larry Robinson! That someone had forged my name! Which Mister Larry Robinson told me that you knew! Who had forged my name! When we had talked about this! It seemed to me that you were hiding something from me! I already knew by what
Mister Larry Robinson had said to me!

About two Individuals that had tried and attempted to steel! My investments from you Miss Paine! By forging my name!
Mister Larry Robinson would not and did not tell me who the two individuals were!      
But When I talk to you Miss Paine about it!                                                                     
You apologized to me! For what your family had done to me!
And their action toward me!

You said that they were just playing a game on me! A disable man that I am and was during the time! That your family was trying to make me believe that they were trying and attempting to forge my name! And steel what was and is mine! I did not and do not think! That what they were doing and were trying to make me believe! That they were trying to steel from me! A disabled man! To make me feel like what I had invested and entrusted with you Miss Paine! That they had stolen it from me!

This should not be looked at!
 Nor thought of by me or you Miss Paine! As children playing a game on each other!
I did not take their action toward me as a game!
And what they were doing to me as a game!

But you said! That you were very sorry for what your grandson Spike Lemaster and Eric Phillips had tried to make me believe! And that was Miss Paine that they had forged my name! And attempted to steel what I had invested with you Miss Paine! That you and I agreed on! And signed contracts over in 1986!
But you Miss Paine apologize to me for their action?

You said that you thought that Spike Lemaster was having a Mental Problem a break down as you put it!
And the strangest thing that you said to me was! That you liked Eric Phillips because he was good with computers! Is this how they forged my name by using a computer            
Miss Paine?

 I want to know! And I need to know! And I have the right to know! And I am asking you! Did these two men (Spike Lemaster) and (Eric Phillips) attempted to forge my name! And steel what I had entrusted with you Miss Paine!  

My Retirement, My Investments, and My Ideas! Or do you think that what I told you about in are meeting that we had in 1986! At Amerex Corporation! Was just a game! Because I do not think that it was!  
I shared with you several ideas! And trusted you to protect what I had invested in with you Miss Paine!  And I took what we talked about! And agreed on with each other! And the contracts that we both signed! Very Serious Miss Paine! I did not look at are meeting that we had! As we were playing a game! Did you?  
Miss Paine I hope that you know and understand! That I think a lot of you!

And I Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt thinks of you as being a Great Lady! One that everyone and anyone like myself can trust in! And I believed in every word that you said to me that day! In that meeting we had!    
And I hope you Miss Paine know! That I think of you as being a friend of mine!
And I hope that you think of me the same way!

But I have to know! If these Two Men that you apologize to me for!
Spike Lemaster and Eric Phillips!  If they did or if they did not forged my name!
 And attempt to steel what I entrusted with you Miss Paine!
Because you said to me that day! At Lighting Strikes Family Fun Center!
That things! Had changed! Did you mean that My Investments, My Retirement,
My Ideas that shared with you and entrusted with you Miss Paine!  Had changed hands? Is that what you meant? Or was it what you said to me in are meeting about me having it all? And what mean is all My ideas that I shared with you and your family!   

And if you would Miss Paine! And if you still have Miss Paine? I want the letter that was written to you from My Ex-Wife (Carol Mcguire Shaneyfelt Davis)!
That told you a lot of personal things about me! And about my life!
I would like to have that letter Miss Paine! Or a copy of that letter!
That my Ex-Wife (Carol Mcguire Shaneyfelt Davis)
Wrote and sent to you Miss Paine! And to let you know Miss Paine! Carol’s son

Michael Andrew Davis! Is and has never been my son! And the reason that I am telling you this is because! I know and you know Miss Paine! That we talked about him! In the meting that we had! And I thought that you needed to know that Miss Paine!  And another thing that we discuss just to let you know! I am Forty One now Miss Paine! And past the age of Forty! The age you chose for me to receive My Retirement! So who forged my name Miss Paine and stole what I entrusted with you Miss Paine! 

Miss Goldie Paine you told me in that meeting we had! At Amerex Corporation in 1986!
When I told you about the growth of Trussville, Argo, and gave you a name for one of your family’s companies remember! You ask me what I would name a moving company! And I said to you (Two Men and a Truck) just call it what it is! And if you remember I told you about several other things like! When You and Ned Paine were thinking about putting a school across the street from Amerex! I said to you Miss Paine that the children would walk out of that school! And look over at Amerex! And say one day I could be just like that man! (Ned Paine)!

Miss Paine you and I both agreed on and over all my ideas that day! The ideas that I shared with you! Remember this Miss Paine when I told you that I was not an educated man but was man that had paid attention to a lot of things! And knew things that you could make a lot of money on! Like when you asked me! What company would you invest in Michael! And I told you that if it was me! I would invest into IBM! And Miss Paine you said to me that you were going to invest into that company! And also buy me stock in that company in my name! Because I was the one who had suggested it to you! And I entrusted you with everything! And believed in everything you said to me that day Miss Paine! And you agreed to everything I said! And believed in what I shared with you to be the truth! Which by what I have seen it was!
We talked about so many different things! And I told the truth about everything!

And what we agreed on and signed contracts over! Was everything that we discussed what I had shared with you in that meeting! And it was all My Ideas! The meeting that I am talking about was supposed to be over me being rehire! At your company Amerex Corporation! And we were going to discuss what you had offered me! That made me return back to work for Amerex! But are meeting turned into more then that! When you brought out that letter that Carol had written you Miss Paine! And the Money Waiver that You Miss Paine had me to sign! Over the money that Amerex had been accused of steeling! From the employee’s pay with out their knowledge of the money being taken from us! That you said Miss Paine That you where going to invest my money for me! And that’s way I signed that waiver instead of taken my money from you Miss Paine!

And you said to me that you would keep it all in a lock box! To where no one could get to it! Not even yourself! Because I told you then that your family would try to keep it from me! And remember you Miss Paine you told me! That you would invest my money for me Miss Paine! Miss Paine you said to me that day if I wanted to I could get what I had entrusted with you and Amerex Corporation! At the age of Thirty eight! But if I did I would have to pay taxes on it! It is funny but that was when your family started trying to make me believe that they had forged my name! When I was Thirty Eight years old! But you also said to me Miss Paine in are meeting that we had at Amerex in 1986! That if I waited in till I turned the age of Forty! That I would receive My Retirement tax free! And you said Miss Paine to me! That the only person that could take it from that lock box! That you said Miss Paine! That you would put it in!  

Was only I Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt! Remember when I told you that your family would be this way toward me! And you would know if they did forge My name! Do you remember that little yellow slip of paper that I signed my name on! Just in case they did! Attempt to forge my name! I know you know what I am saying to you is true Miss Paine!

And now I Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt the real person is asking! You Miss Paine please let me see what is mine! And have what we agreed on! The Money Wavier you had me to sign that was based on the lawsuit that had been filed against your company for theft! And I entrusted with you all My ideas! And the Contract Agreements we signed and agreed on together! And the Investments that you and I agreed on together! All my ideas that I shared with you in good faith that day! You and I know that what I am saying and what I am asking you for is the truth! Or was it all a game! That you played on me! Like your family has!
Miss Paine I hope that you understand!
When I say that I want My Retirement!

And I hate to bring this up to you Miss Paine! But please remember that it was you Miss Paine that said these things to me! That if I did not receive these things from you! That you and I would know! That you’re Family had stolen My investments that I had entrusted with you Miss Paine and with Amerex Corporation! I was to receive from you in faith! You said to me Miss Paine! That it was a way that you chose
Miss Paine! To notify me about My Retirement! And if I did not receive these things! That someone in your family had stolen My Investments by forging my name!

Such as

My Retirement, My Investments, and My Ideas from you and from me! And just to let you know! I have not received a thing that you Miss Paine had chose to notify me with!  
1. The Cheese set
2. The Mustang
3. The house with the hammock in the yard
Remember you said when I received this things I would know! And would not have to worry about receiving My Investments from you Miss Paine! And you said to me!  When I received my retirement that I was to
 1. Invest into a Church of my choice!
 2.  Invest into a School of my choice!
 3. And to divide the rest with a person of my choice!       
      Which you know who that person is Miss Paine!

Remember Miss Paine you said this to me! That day in the meeting! You said
Miss Paine to me Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt! If you see any of your ideas you  
Will know Michael Shaneyfelt! That your investments that you and I have invested in you will receive!
Just to let you know! I have seen all of my ideas that I shared with you!

They all stand tall as a pine tree on Forty Road!
I hope that you understand what I mean! But your family has made me worry about to many things! And made me worry over what I invested in! And what I entrusted with you Miss Paine! And what we both agreed on together such as! All My ideas! And I am very sorry that I have to ask you this way! But the way your family has acted toward me! Has not been right!

And to let you know I have not threaten anyone in your family! That certain people in your family have accused me of doing! Such as; Spike Lemaster did! Saying that I called him and said that I was going to kill everyone in his family? The reason I know about this Miss Paine! Is because one night when I came up to Lighting Strikes hoping that I could walk in! One of my ideas! And just look around and not worry about anything! He just walked up to me and said! That it was awfully fun and strange! For the man that called him and threaten to kill everyone in his family! To show his face in and at Lighting Strikes Family Fun Center!

And just like I told him then! And I am telling you now! I did not call him! And did not threaten him in anyway! And would not do anything like that! What Spike Lemaster as accused me of doing Miss Paine I could not do! I am a disable man what could I do to your family! Like I told you in the meeting we had! That your family would accuse me of being something that I am not!

And that was the reason you told me then in the meeting we had in 1986!
That you would put everything in a lock box such as!
My Investment, My Retirement, and Our Contract Agreements!    
And Miss Paine what Mister Larry Robinson said to me was not good!
And the two you apologized for! I want to know about them!

I want to know if they did attempt to forge My Name! And steel what you Miss Paine had promised to me! And you Miss Paine stated to me that no one could take that from me My investments, my retirement, my trust in you !And you Miss Paine trusted in what I shared with you and in me! Like I have trusted in you Miss Paine and what you promised to me! Remember when you said in that meeting we had at Amerex Corporation! You said to me Miss Paine! Michael besides all this that you have told me about and shared with me all this information on and about Trussville growth and that I found out from working for the city of Trussville! What is your idea that is going to happen based on what you have told me about!

And I told you Miss Paine what I thought about Eastwood Mall! That they were going to have to move from where they were located at that time! This was in 1986! How I thought that they were going to move toward Trussville! And told you about the land that they would be interested in! And would like to build a new shopping mall on! And I said to you that the only thing I did not like about it! Was that Jefferson Memorial would be across the street from it! And the location that I picked out for you Miss Paine!

Was because of the Highways remember! And I told you Miss Paine that the location that they would want would have to be near the Highway! Because that was how they advertise them self’s and let people know where their location was and where they were at! And would be a perfect place for them! I told you then that if I went to them and said this to them myself!

That Trussville would be a great location for them!  They would not believe in what I said to them! But a lady such as your self Miss Paine could! And because who you were and still are! They would believe in the idea! And really think about moving to Trussville! So I hate to do what I am doing! And ask you to tell me if what
Mister Robinson said to me is true!

Did Spike Lemaster your Grandson and Eric Phillip attempt to still from
Me Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt by forging my name!
 And steel what I entrusted to you Miss Paine!   

(Please call me at anytime Miss Paine we really must talk).

Michael Shaneyfelt
2487 Martin Road
Birmingham Al 35235
205-000-0000 Home phone
205-000-0000 cell phone

This is the man who told me about someone forging my name! I have mailed him a Notarize letter asking the same question! That I have asked you Miss Paine! I told you in the meeting that if I did not receive what we agreed on! That I would go to Amerex and ask them about my retirement! And I have! I talked to Sam Wester! And he told me that you and Mister Paine did not start a Retirement fund! In till 1987! And I told you in the meeting we had that if I did not receive my retirement! That I would go to the IRS! Just to let you know! I have called and talked to

The Untied States Labor Department and talked to a Mister Kelvin Terry about this! If you know who has forged my name! And attempted to steel Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt Retirement! And what I entrusted You with! Please let me know!

Larry Robinson
334 East Lake Road Suite148
Oldsmar, Florida 34685

 Cordially yours;

Michael Shaneyfelt

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