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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hey everyone this is out of a PDF file. I only put down a few things but it made me think?

It's just as the STASI treated Dissidents in Former East Germany, except this Human Rights Abuse is Happening Here Today

This paper is a blueprint on the use of the Zerzetsen “no touch” Torture Technique to break individuals and destroy families. Zerzetsen is a process of character assassination and threats – its purpose is to poison every aspect of a person’s life. Today Zerzetsen is being used by the MI5/MI6 Intelligence Agencies in the UK, and CSIS in Canada to persecute a decent family for people in the high establishment. Human Rights Organizations & Politicians are scared to help.

Executive Summary of Zerzetsen Torture

Zerzetsen is about lies, defamation, intimidation, harassment, death threats, surveillance and telephone tapping – and it never stops. Zerzetzen (or Zersetzung) means “Oppression by systematic decomposition" and its purpose is to destroy individuals and break up families. Rhisiart Gwilym so aptly described this in Media Lens – “Roderick Russell getting precious little help from anywhere, as the Black Dogs of Animal Farm persecute him illegally.”

Zerzetsen is not the bloodier old fashioned medieval type of torture that leaves marks, but a more modern “Orwellian” form of no-touch torture that was developed by the former East German secret police "The STASI" to persecute dissidents. Zerzetsen is a very sophisticated torture technique and, as the Stasi reported, Zerzetsen is designed to cause “severe and prolonged suffering” without leaving marks. No touch or not, Zerzetsen poisons every aspect of a person’s life. It combines character assassination and defamation, with threats & intimidation – both different sides of the same Zerzetsen coin.

First, the slandering
Zerzetsen starts with slander and character assassination – “It's about manipulating people or groups of people by typical STASI methods (hearsay, gossip, lies, spreading rumors about someone … the list goes on).” The object is to render its victim unemployable and ostracized from his community. Some examples of the defamation program are shown in ‘Chapter 3 – The Power of The Big Lie”.
Then, the threats started
10 years of ongoing Intimidation, Harassment, Telephone
Tapping, Surveillance and Death Threats followed on. Examples of some of the threats are shown in Chapter 5. As one can see from reading this Paper, there are many witnesses to verify the threats.
A quote from: The Boston Center for Refugee Health & Human Rights states – “Direct threats to him/her or to a relative are by far the most common form of torture.”

And then there is OMERTA – a shut down of all forms of help. A cover-up conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, by ensuring that the Zerzetsen crimes are never honestly investigated. Zerzetsen is always a crime of the intelligence services. Once MI5/MI6 & CSIS are on side people are scared to help. Police, politicians, and human rights agencies – no exceptions. The extent (and proof) of the cover-up conspiracy is dealt with in Chapter 4.

As the former CEO of an International Arms Co. (Astra), Gerald R. James, wrote about his Zerzetsen persecution by MI5/MI6 – “I was subjected to harassment, burglaries...surveillance, bugging, telephone tapping…my family suffered considerably…my brother was killed in an accident never satisfactorily explained.”

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  1. Thank you sir. You are my hero. I am speaking-out in the public arena now, to bring awareness to these unspeakable crimes. I hope with all sincerity you do not mind my linking to your courageous blog, and writing about this, sir. Again, thank you. I found you when I thought there were no more hero's or gentle 'men' left. I see thru you that there are. God bless you sir, and your family. Please, continue.