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Friday, November 18, 2011


Guidance for Industry and FDA Staff
Class II Special Controls Guidance
Document: Implantable
Radiofrequency Transponder
System for Patient Identification
and Health Information

Hey Everyone, I am sorry to open up this blog with the word. Implantable Radio-frequency transponder.


I was told that I was implanted with a United States Naval Military (bio-chip). I was told this on March 7th 2011 by Agent John Cannon. Who is with the United States Joint Terrorism Task Force  Department FBI-RA. I was told to call the Joint Terrorism Task Force Department by a Commander of the United States Naval Criminal Investigation on March 7th 2011.
I told the Commander of the NCIS-RA that I had already been in contacted. With the Birmingham Alabama FBI.department. The Commander went into order form of words. And told me he was going to call the JTTF-FBI-RA and he wanted me to do the same. He told me he was going to have them direct me to the  Agent I needed to talk to. And that is when I talked to Agent John Cannon. I told him around the time Eric S. Phillips and a few people stabbed a bio-chip into my body. All I told the Agent was that Eric S Phillips stabbed a needle like object into my left shoulder. Then after this happen a cyst formed up in the area he stabbed me in. Then I told the Agent about my medical lay out for the past eight years. I told the Agent I had had a two heart surgeries from electrical impulse. And he wants to no more about the cyst on my left shoulder.

So I told the Agent about the cyst that I had removed in 03/07/08. Then I told him how I got the cyst.

  Eric S Phillips stabbed a needle like object into my left shoulder back in 2003-2004 I really can not name a day. But I know he had just been fired from Lightning Strikes for forging my name in trying to steel my investments that I entrusted to Mrs. Goldie Paine back in 1986 . I remember pushing Eric S Phillips back away from me.Then asking him what he had stabbed into me. And asked him if he would show me his hands and he did acting like he did nothing. But back during this time Eric S Phillips and a Spike Lemaster tried to play a game of forgery on me. And when that game did not work out the way they had planed. Eric came over to my home. We talked and then I asked me to leave and I held out my hand to shake his hand.

Then Eric said to me Michael we have been friends for along time come on man give me a hug. I had know Eric S. Phillips for about Twenty Years and thought nothing of it. Then I felt the needle hit my shoulder bone.I then pushed him back. Asked him what he stabbed me with Eric told me he stabbed me with nothing. And then open up his hands like he had to proof to me he had nothing. But I know I felt a needle go into my back left shoulder. Eric S. Phillips showed me naval implantable chips before. But I hate to know a person I have known a long time would stab a naval bio-chip into me. Not to much longer after he stabbed me. Me and his girl friend Kelly Lemaster and Eric S Phillips went to Florida. He said down there he knew Pensacola Florida like the back of his hand.I wonder how many victims he has in Florida because his friends have summer homes in Florida. So they could have several victims down there.

I called a place called Verichip Implantable Technology 1-800-970-2447 this was in August 5, 2008. The Agent with the Joint Terrorism Task Force JTTF-FBI-RA told me I had been implanted with a naval bio chip on March 7th 2011. The woman I talked to at Verichip told me that I would be able to see any of their implantable chips on a ex-ray. But I have had Cat Scans, MRIs, and Chest Ex-Rays. And have never found anything but. My Neurologist Dr. Pearlman found a muscle in my left shoulder that says tighten all the time.I want to know how small is the bio chip Eric S Phillips stabbed into me! How Small!!

Eric S Phillips you need to call the JTTF-FBI-RA 1-901-248-7000
Eric S. Phillips call the                   NCIS-RA        1-901-874-5389


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  1. I need help, pain on my head by the same chip mr anthony was victim

    i am 4 months with chip on my body

    victim of electronic torture please mr anthony i need your help


    Guilheme schroeter
    musician from brazil living in los angeles ca since 2008

    1728 glendale blv 90026
    los angeles