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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I am a Victim…

November 6, 2011
I have had a normal day has a victim of military auditory microwave scaler electromagnetic transmittable electrical waves.
I get voice to the skull, Internal control reaction, force meant to talk, they use my voice box with stimulation electrical vibration.

I am still me. I just have electrical transmission fired through my body of RF signals. I am like on a Sonar spread. I think they tone into the buzzing of your internal life energy tone. And lock you in. They can pick up on positive moments of energy moving through your body and cause a negative flow of transmitted RF VLF frequencies into your body.

By using the auditory nerve in the human ear canal It is based off of what the body can handle has waves.
They tune in to your thought, your ideas, and who you real are. They live off control. If they have you bowing to them give it up.
I will never bow to a coward I will never bow to a person that cannot remember his or her name, I AM

November 7, 2011
They woke me up at 5am then around 9am. I feel tired from the lack of sleep that I got. Once they tune in my alpha brain wave they can make me feel very tired.

November 7, 2011
Hear a tone it sound centered in the middle of my skull. It is a loud tone a beep pitched tone. They hav been  using microwave transmission from my auditory cortex to my brain system and causing a lot of pressure in my internal brain area. I know it is from the swelling of the microwave transmissions hitting me. The tone is  my own internal alarm telling me they are transmitting.

This world of have to know gets to be a little to much being a victim of this type of electrical interaction and interfering with your internal body and your physical body and my life.
But it plays a hard game on want. Because all I ask is for the people who are torturing me just to come out. Lets have a little southern set down and talk.

Or you can call the JTTF-FBIRA or the NCISRA and talk to them.
TTFF-FBIRA 1-904-248-7000

But this is getting old Eric. I know you have a few mental problems you are dealing with. But let us talk about Naval Military Weapons that you stole and are acting out crazy with.
I know what you told me is true. I can imagine when the Navy used it on you the first time, You told me you sung song to keep the voices out of your head.

But Eric S Phillips I know and a few other know you stole weapons from the United States Naval Government. And they know what you have been and have a few little friends helping you out.
I know sense you know you told me and showed me the items you stole. You would not be man enough to be helping your helpers. Tell Spike I said hello…….

If you want to talk call me. My number is still the same. We had known each other for twenty years Eric. The phone number is still the same. And if you want to talk in person I still live in the same old house in Grayson Valley

Eric S . Phillips
I have called the JTTF –FBRA and the NCIXRS. And I told them everything you to;d to me and showed to me and told them I know you are trying to kill me for money, But has you said to me my treasure is still in the same spot. Eric this is no joke. I have told the Navay tha you stole a naval weapon and biochips and microchips from them.

It is time to put the radio done and know you have the right to tal out loud if you want. But transmissions of microwaves are a little to much. I know you want me dead. But You are known about….

  November 8, 2011
I just called the sheriff department and ask them to do a ride throw. Eric S Phillips and his group are using the weapon on me to night hard.

Both side of my head hurt, my eyes feel strange, pressure in my jaws, Both of my ears feel pressure, It is a centered charge that hits me in my back left shoulder.
Cause me internal pain, Chest Rib Cage Lungs Throat and Bronchial area.
They focus on stopping me from breathing. They are still on trying to get my life to shut off. They are focus on my heart area. Digestion, Urination, Internal spot they focus on. Which is right behind my heart.

Tighten of my left shoulder muscles. strong pain in my left shoulder area back below my left shoulder. I think that the government is watching Eric and everyone he knows and me too.
They use my spine like a latter. They send strong energy waves that cause me to feel them walk up and down my spine. They have got control over my central nerves system . They are using it to cause me internal damage.
Jefferson County Sheriff have been called and the FBI.
 November 9, 2011
They woke me up around 4:39am. They do this with dreams. If I have something planed to do they always make sure I stay at home. Because this is the strongest point for them to use the weapon Eric S Phillips stole from the United States Navy. They control my bladder and my digestive track with the weapon that Eric S Phillips stole they use it on my internals. They tell me that they will let me pea or shit if I give them some money that I am to get from Mrs. Goldie Paine.

They say if I give Eric S Phillips half of what I get from Mrs. Goldie Paine. That they will let me be free again, they use the weapon to enslave people with. They gain control over the person internals and use that has a hold they have on them. They say they will stop but the person has to pay them before that will happen. They use sonar wave location devices to track their victims. They fire off a tone in a person head through the person auditory never and use that tone to track the person. In my case Eric stabbed a naval bio chip into my body.

They use electromagnetic to control my digestive system and my bladder. Which keeps me from urinating and digesting my waste? It is a form of terrorism to cause me to have heart problems.

 November 9, 2011
It is been a easy day compared to other days. It is 8:20 pm I feel a tight spot in my left lower back right corner. Close in to my spine I feel a discomfort. It has been hard to breath normal when they are hitting me all day. I am waiting for a plane missiles to hone in on me. I know they have my home marked out military crucifix pattern.

Fell pressure in my chest all day They are using sleep hypnosis on me- words make me feel pain and words can make me sleepy. They wake me up with worded dreams. I have even heard myself, question a dream I was having. I talked out when I was sleeping  and woke myself up from hearing myself question the dream I was having.

Most al  the dreams now I don’t remember . But in the start I remember a few. High places, dead ends , chases, high places, waterfalls, houses, mountains, but they were all dreams.
I think they use the dreams to cover up the V2K subliminal words they use for the format of the dream. The words they would use to use sleep hypnosis with dream patterns.

I am a Victim……..

November 10, 2011

Today they woke me up, but things have changed. THIS MORNING NO DREAM, BUT STRONGE CHARGE ON MY CHEST. My heart they take rhymes tones sounds from they would have too. I woke up this morning and felt tired, So I went back to sleep. Then woke up again and felt the same way again, so I went back to sleep.
 When I did wake up I heard someone say I am tired of this man V2K.then I started hearing my own heart beat in both my ears. This happens only when they pulled something off of me. But when I woke up and I listen to my own heart beating in my ears.
They have pulled back but still around somewhere close.

November 10, 2011
8:49pm Ringing or buzzing in my left ear. Left back shoulder pain V2K 24/ 7/ 365. Full charge of connection between me and Eric S. Phillips weapon and myself via bio chip The naval military microwave auditory EMF VLF transmitter is a direct energy weapon that runs on electromagnetic charges of radiation across open air waves. Transmission scaler waves with hertz charges into a humans body. The natural body energy the heart fights against this type of invasion. That can kill humans But I am a luck victim to have a good medical team that has helped me prove that Eric S Phillips is using Microwave Warfare Weapon on me and others here in Alabama. This is all the truth the world is more than we know??

November 11, 2011
12:53 am
I and still feel the pain in my left back shoulder. Hear the ringing in my left ear. Biut the tone of the ringing has changed. It does this a lot when they are changing around getting ready for me to wake up or go to sleep. They go with a lower tone when I am about to go to sleep. But when I wake up the tones a re just to mush sometimes.
They want to torture me with electrical auditory subliminal tones. The stronger the tones the stronger the electrical charges and the pain. However, at night they get set up for the low subliminal V2K transmissions. It is what I call (the talk through dreamtime). (Sleep Hypnosis)

Searching for help
Always looking for someone who understands
never knowing what to do or who to trust
Always trying to get the law involved
look on the web
calling your family and friends
trying to build up to say something strange is happening to me in my life
It is hard being a victim of electromagnetic scaler military waves. These waves can kill and destroy my life.
But I fight against a force the public does not know about. The Military has these types of weapons marked out has (Top Secret WMD)

Psychotropic weapons can cause a person to feel total different then they did a few minutes ago. It could be a person living in a haouse and having one main system set on your biological life. All on energy binary code of wave. Just the same way a person pickup a radio station with their radio. It is all electromagnetic charges it just on a different pitch tone wave. Humans are set on hertz waves. If a person has a alpha transmitter they could stimulate your auditory hair cells and walk into your mind and your central nerves system.
A Naval Auditory Weapon can do a lot of things. But one main thing it does is subliminal transmissions. Heavy tone and electrical charges.

  November 11, 2011 11:59am   
I was woke up by a electrical charge sane time around 5am or 4am. It is how they start off with the feed of electromagnetic transmissions. I had another dream but like the rest of them cannot remember it This is a sign of them wanting something control, money, or power.
I am going to say things like the ringing tone in my left ear is higher than it was last night. So they are closer to my house or they have kicked on another amp. This is the truth. I am a victim of electromagnetic microwave torture.
I know that sounds crazy but look up electromagnetic auditory weapon and will only find old paper work. Because the weapon is TOP SECRET… But read what you find and you will know why the military keeps the weapon hush hush.
But a another day of Eric S Phillips and the Naval Auditory Weapon he stole from the Navy’s Defense Department.
Hey Everyone have a good day pray you never start hearing a buzz like signal tones.

November 12, 2011
2:23 pm
My left ear is ringing but in different tones. I was woke up again the same way they wake me every day. I feel a strong electrical stimulation in my mind. Then I wake up wait 1-2 minutes and then the charge dies down. Then the ringing of my ears start had a dream but do not remember it. What I fell in the morning is like electroshock treatments. They want me to forget Amerex Owes me money Mrs Goldie Paine is ether paying her family and Eric S Phillips. Because it always go back to the embezzlement lawsuit. They want me to forget the contract agreements Mrs. Goldie Paine had me to sign. Eric tell Everyone I said soon. And tell them not to worry about the federal boys. They only know about you steeling the weapons you stole from the naval defense department. But the people that are helping you the Grayson Valley Group. That are friends with you and Michael Andrew Davis. I am going to come and get them after the law takes you..... 

Hey Everyone,

This is some old notes I write down about what I am facing this was 

in 2009

October 16, 2009 @ 12:42pm
I have not been listing all that the stalkers Eric Philips and the Lemaster Family has been doing this to me this month. But it is the same old thing I wake up every morning and they start ringing my left ears and transmit words into me .Saying things like Eric S Phillips deceivers my retirement that I entrusted too Mrs. Goldie Paine back in 1986 at Amerex  Corporation. I receive Social Security that I worked Twenty five years before I was on Social Security. Eric S Phillips does not have the right by law or me or Mrs. Goldie Paine to think he has the right to steal my retirement or my investments from me or Amerex Corporation or Mrs. Goldie Paine. Eric S Phillips does not have the right to anything that I own or what is mine. Eric S Phillips and Spike Lemaster acted like they forged my name back in 2004-2005 they acted like they stole my investments from Mrs. Paine.

The main person that keeps this going on everyday is Eric S Phillips and a few other people that are helping him. Spike Lemaster pays off these people bills and paying  them  transmit at me from their stations set up.
My Doctors and has done blood work on me done that came back good. Showing that I have no medical problems at all and on October the 13th of 2009 I went to Brookwood Hospital and had an EEG done on me. And when I had my blood work done they done a Brain Wave scan on me to just to see what was going on with me. I am going to see Doctor Pearlman on October 19th of 2009 to see what he saw on my EEG. And if it shows any electrical waves occurring during certain times I can file a warrant out on Eric Phillips And Spike Lemaster And Mrs. Goldie Paine for the attempt and trying to kill me over old money. They are using a naval military auditory weapon on me and are trying to take control of my mind by using the Auditory Weapon that Eric Phillips stole from the United States Navy.  

October 16, 2009 @ 5:56pm
They are still transmitting a tone that they just changed into a different pitch and started causing me frontal lobe pain. I think that they are trying to cause me to develop some type of cancer in my brain. I have read that from a person receiving radio electromagnetic waves could develop cancer in their brain from the electromagnetic charges of energy being directed toward their brain.

October 17, 2009 @ 8:15pm
All day they have been using the weapon that Eric Phillips stole from the United States Defense Department of the United States Navy on me. When I woke up around 9:05am they woke me up with a picture like dream they never have any sound to them it is just pictured out. And as soon as I woke up they started ringing my left ear very loudly. And the rest of the day they just transmit their voices at me saying that Eric this Eric that. And then somehow they made me feel very sleepy and I went to sleep around 2:30pm and slept to about 7:15pm and they woke me up with another picture like dream. And they are still ringing my left ear.

 October 20, 2009 @ 6:03pm
The people that have been stalking me are still using the weapon that Eric Phillips stole from the Military on me I Went to Doctor Pearlman’s Office yesterday on October the 19th and got may test results back on the EEG and the Brain wave scan that he had done on me. He said that my EEG and the Brain wave scan showed him that my brain was performing normally and I was not having in problems with my brain. So I have had a cat scan and a MRI and a EEG and a Brain Wave scan done on me.  they all show no brain damage. So the question now is what is causing all these medical problems that I am having this just started up in 2006. My Heart receiving a electric shock causing my lower right valve to closeto the point. Where I had to have a oblation surgery.

And my digestive problem that I have had with my colon. then they started causing me problems with me urinating. so Doctor Pearlman sent me to Doctor Wilson and I had a bladder scan which showed that something was causing my sphincter muscle in my bladder area and in my rectum area to tighten up by. (Electrical stimuli)  And the only thing that could cause that to happen  is  a nerve.
And on all my MRI that I have done shows that I have no nerve damage or a nerve that is being pinched in any way in my body. That would cause all this to happen to me. So the only thing that can be causing all of these medical problems is the weapon that Eric stole from the Navy which can take control of a person central nerves system. This Moring I woke up around an 11:15 am and they started transmitting their tone across toward me again.
And they are trying to cause me medical problems and could even lead to my death. Kill me and get away it and no one would even know.

List of medical problems (DEW) (WMD) weapons can causing                                                                                                         Types of Health Problems we are experiencing
·         Respiratory Problems
·         Neurological problems
                               1. Impaired cognitive ability
                               2. Impaired motor skills
                              3. Trouble walk
                              4. Memory Problems
                              5. fibromyalgia
                              6. restless leg syndrome
·         Nausea
·         Sleep deprivation, fatigue
·         Uncontrollable shaking
·         Loss of sight
·         Loss of hearing
·         Loss of hair
·         Scalp and skin diseases
·         Body burns and marks
·         Multi- chemical sensitivity
·         Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
·         Stress related Diseases
·         Asthma  
·         Impaired immune system
·         Increased sympathetic nervous system activity                       
·         Alzheimer’s
·         Parkinson’s
·         Cancer
·         Multiple Sclerosis
·         Stroke
·         Aneurysm
·         Heart Attack
·         Suicides
Types of  Harassment and Technologies used
·         Electromagnetic Weapons Devises
·         Direct Energy Weapon(DEW)
·         Microwave Weapons
·         Pesticides
·         Pulsing devises
·         Voice to skull devises (V2K)
·         Organized Stalking, Electronic Harassment (OSEH)
·         Crowding
·         Street Theatre
·         Stalking/bullying
·         24/7 surveillance
·         Community Watch Groups
·         Home Invasions
·         Vehicle tampering or theft
·         Workplace  mobbing
·         Cause Stalking
·         Synchronized movements & sounds
·         Noise campaigns

October 25, 2009 @ 3:24pm
They have been using the voice to skull on me all day. I have heard them talking about the Lemaster family and Brenner family owning them money for using the weapon that Eric Phillips stole from the Navy on me. They seemed to turn down the effects that they have been causing to my bodyto feel and have.
 The tone and the V2K auditory word subliminal weapon is set up and coming from two directions one from the back of my house and the other from the front  far right side of my house. They are still set on the my retirement fund that I and Mrs. Paine invested in 1986. This all started right after I turned thirty nine and the people that have been doing this doing this to me thought that I would  going to receive my retirement funds from Mrs. Paine or Amerex when I turned Forty. But that was the age that Mrs. Paine had choose for me to receive a retirement fund from her has a set up to see if her family were still thief’s as they were in the 1980s. I have know that I was not to receive a retirement at forty that I signed the papers on transferring the retirement to her will and testament so I could receive it tax’s free. But these people which I know and Mrs. Paine Knows that they are chasing something that was just a game

I have more but they are wrote out on paper But I will be putting 

them up here soon.....

Stay Tuned Everyone.......I am a Victim..........

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