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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Implantable RFID

Abstract : Various technologies are emerging to provide enhanced, automated personnel identification capabilities. Techniques for human microchip implants using radio frequency identification are possible, but the implications of this technology remain to be considered. This thesis provides a survey of current technologies for enhanced user identification, focusing on human implant approaches, and to summarize the set of security, privacy, social and ethical issues that may arise from the use of these technologies in the U.S. Navy. Technical background is presented to provide the reader with a basic understanding of radio frequency technology. An analysis of human implant technologies currently used in the private sector is provided to show how they might offer capabilities in the military. Applications of information technology and human microchip implants that may improve user identification in the future are presented and analyzed. Finally, a review of the social and ethical implications of human implant-based user identification is provided. It shows that the collateral social issues are complex and far-reaching, and need to be carefully considered by the Navy to avoid becoming entangled in intractable technical, morale and legal issues far into the future. The results of this exploratory
thesis show: 1) implementation of advanced information technology devices must be carefully balanced against human social and ethical considerations, and 2) there is a valid need for future research and analysis of human microchip implants.
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GPS Covert Tracking Devices
Covertly tacking a vehicle, asset, or person using gps technology.
Here are some reasons why they choose us:
• Tracking Products are easy to install and use.
• Most tracking units contain built in GPS antennas for easier concealment.
• Most ‘Real Time’ Trackers come with full time remote customer service.
Real Time GPS Trackers VS. GPS Fleet Trackers VS. GPS Loggers
Real Time GPS Trackers - Covert Real Time Trackers can track in real time. By providing access through a web site, a user can simply log into a site using a password to see exactly where the unit is located. Any computer or phone with internet access worldwide can access the device. Since there is no need to download data (reports and locations visible on log in site), there is no need to download software to a computer to read results. Most professional real time trackers provide a more powerful antenna to loggers (exception - Trackstick Mini), thus providing more accurate locates.
Real Time GPS Trackers These real time trackers can be hard-wired into a vehicle’s battery or fuse box, thus eliminating the need for recharging units or purchasing long term extended batteries. Good units for tracking and locating permanently tracked vehicles.
GPS Loggers - Covert Gps Loggers track and save locates directly on the unit, thus there is no need for monitoring service plans that real time trackers require. Logger users must recover the tracking unit to download information to a computer (software is necessary on the computer to view results -
software comes most with the device when delivered).
Placement Ideas for Vehicle Tracking (Please note, if setting device outside vehicle with a magnetic case, they recommend placing device on a flat metal area. Some vehicle areas inside wheel wells are NOT flat. If using velcro to place device, they recommend industrial strength velcro.
Some additional information (found) on Covert GPS Installation:
GPS vehicle tracker covertly, so now it is time to discuss some of the different ways that we can make the most of our tracking device and find out the information we are seeking undetected by our target:
1. Install the device in an accessible, yet hidden, location. This could be inside a wheel well, under the back bumper, or even inside an unused glove box or storage bin inside the cab of the vehicle. You obviously don’t want to put it on the dash of the vehicle like a navigation
GPS as this will be a curious sight to the person that you are wanting to track covertly. With the placement of the device you want to avoid detection at all costs.
2. Install the device when you will be undisturbed by your target or by others. If your target is about to leave in five minutes and it is 1 PM it is probably not the time to be under the wheel well of their car installing a GPS vehicle tracking device. They will probably end up seeing you down there or notice the schmutz on your back and ask what it is that you were just doing. This is bad as most people are terrible liars. If they suspect that you are tracking them then you will never get the data that you need.
3. Choose the type of tracking system that is going to best fit your needs. Sometimes it is better to forgo real time GPS vehicle tracking for a safer data logger. Why is a data logger safer? It boils down to two words: battery life. A lot of the real time trackers on the market have a dismal battery life when it comes to gathering information on a target vehicle. One particular tracker, the Zoombak, will only let you have the device on for 5 days before the battery dies, and that doesn’t include a single position call! Data loggers can often last weeks, providing you with a complete picture of a vehicles activity for extended periods of time. Also, you have to retrieve the device to replace its batteries less if you go with a logging GPS vehicle tracking system – making it less likely that you get caught in the retrieval stage of your tracking effort.
4. When retrieving the device follow the same procedure in point #2. Remember, you don’t want to get caught with the data even after the tracking has been completed. You want to be able to decipher the coordinates and there meaning before you confront your spouse, or your teen, or a suspect in a criminal investigation.
If you follow these steps carefully, taking special care in point #2 and point #3, then you should have no problem installing a GPS vehicle tracker covertly. While your own personal experience with this type of tracking may vary, the use of covert GPS vehicle tracking is certainly legitimate and useful in certain circumstances.

How and Why Are People Being Chipped Without Their Knowledge?

VeriChip Corporation, a subsidiary of Applied Digital Solutions, received Food and Drug Administration approval in 2004 for a human-implantable radio-frequency identification (RFID) microchip

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