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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kelb News

Kelb News
   November 12, 2011
Non-Profit advocacy dedicated to non-consensual
experimentation and abuse

"We intend that no man shall live
by another man's leave under the sun."
Nuremberg Trials Statement

Enjoy the spirit of autumn

In This Issue:
  • Kelb Exchange
  • Kelb Saturday Night Conference Call
  • Wall Street Protests
  • GSP Tracking Constitutional Denials Considered/Justice Breyer
  • U.N., Syrian Human Rights Abuses Cause Alarm
  • Google Threatens to Leave Chamber of Commerce
  • Cointelpro Continues Today, new site
  • Cindy, Neuro feedback

 United Nations Wire
Syria HRW Urges Suspension by Arab League
Doctor in Homs: "It's a horror story... we are really in crisis... heroes are treating patients on the street"
Human Rights Watch has called on the Arab League to suspend Syria, saying the abuses against civilians in Homs are crimes against humanity.

The US-based group has issued a report documenting allegations of torture and unlawful killings in the city of Homs.
The city has been a focus for anti-government demonstrations. Dozens were reported killed there on Thursday.
The UN says at least 3,500 people have been killed in Syria in protests against President Bashar al-Assad. . . .
Read more:

GPS Tracking Considered by Supreme Court
Justice Breyer warns of Orwellian governmentBy Sarah Peters -
The Hill
A Supreme Court justice on Tuesday expressed major concerns that the government would engage in round-the-clock surveillance reminiscent of the totalitarian world of the George Orwell novel 1984 if the court ruled in the government's favor.

The court heard oral arguments in the Jones case, in which the outcome will determine whether warrantless GPS tracking by law enforcement is an invasion of Fourth Amendment protection from unreasonable search and seizure.

Justice Stephen Breyer questioned what a democratic society would look like if people believed the government was tracking them for days at a time.
From Roy Bercaw - Editor
Cambridge MA USA

The Current State of Wall Street Protests, NY
Wall Street protests


Editor's Note:
We have attended and shared information and contacts.  Good work being done.  Will keep you posted.

. . .The 99 % March to Washington

Nov. 7, 2011, by OccupyWallSt
New York, NY – This morning (Monday, Nov. 7, starting at 10:30am) local elected officials and leaders from diverse communities as well as labor union representatives, and grassroots activists will march eleven miles to connect New York’s communities with the Occupy Wall Street Movement. The “End to End for 99%” march will launch in Washington Heights . . .

“Our communities have been devastated by the economic assault on middle class and poor families, even as Wall Street has enjoyed a historic financial bonanza,” said State Senator Adriano Espaillat (Manhattan/Bronx). “We are marching together because we want to stand up for the 99% who have been left behind in this economy and build a stronger society that works for all Americans, not just the select few.”

Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez said: "When we march on Monday, we're marching for jobs, we're marching for affordable housing, we're marching for a millionaire's tax. On Monday we are marching to let the city know that the 99% in Northern Manhattan are calling for justice.”
. . .
Read more:


Google Threatens to Leave U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Potential Internet Censorship

Google Mulls Divorcing Chamber
of Commerce (U.S.)
from Politico
. . .
Online piracy isn’t the first policy issue that has put the Chamber in hot water with its members. Utility companies including Exelon, Pacific Gas and Electric Co. and PNM Resources, as well as Apple, left the business lobby in 2009 to protest its stance on global warming.

. . . Apple, left the business lobby in 2009 to protest its stance on global warming.

In particular, CEA members are up in arms over so-called private right of action provisions in the bills that would allow trademark and copyrights holders to seek court orders requiring ad networks and payment processors to cut off business with an allegedly infringing site.

CEA members believe it would trigger a flood of costly lawsuits — which runs counter to the Chamber’s huge push for tort reform and opposition to private right of action measures in previous legislation.

Google Threatens to Leave U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Cointelpro Site Name Change

Lucy, Lynn, Bob, and the entire California, Nationwide group have changed their site name.  It is now: 

This site and group deal with Cointelpro abuses. This is an apt description for the experiences we work with and work towards ending.  It is well defined and described on their website.  It is more effective to use this description of these types of crimes rather than gang stalking, organized stalking and other names, such as these.  It is more understandable and has credibility.  Credibility is very important in the work we do. 

Networking with real victims is important.  We encourage networking with Cointelpro Continues Today.   Their work is good, genuine and they intend sucess in their projects to get the abuse stopped.  It seems a simple goal, but there are other groups, one in particular, mid, U.S., (many feel membership is overloaded with infiltrators and many people who may not be victims of this) who seem to lead victims around a seeming "Merry- go- round" of expensive projects and events. The projects never yield  any success or potential for future success. In the years they have been up and operating, they have accomplished very little towards getting this stopped, have taken in a tremendous amount of victims' money in these years, and there have been major and continuing, hurtful failures.  

CointelproContinuesToday does not and has not operated like this, neither does Kelb, Keep The Ethical Light Burning, Inc., nor ICOMW, The International Committee On Offensive Microwave Weapons, run by Harland Girard, survivor in Philadelphia, Roy Bercaw's group, in Boston, "enoughroom", and other groups we network with and have networked with. 

We encourage networking with credible groups, networking with real victims, and other helpful groups and support.  We are all working towards the same goal and can help each other. 

Quoting from Cointelpro Continues Today
current Newsletter:
"Welcome to our new website. The TI Truth Team has moved on from more & recently challenging obstacles, regrouped,and are proud to remain fully focused and volunteering to work for legitimate TIs' interests."

Kelb Saturday Night Conference Call, Join Us!
We are also at:

Talkshoe          8:50 pm EST,
7:50pm CST,
5:50 pm PST
5:50 pm PST, West Cst. CA, Nanaimo

Call in no.:  724-444-7444
Rm No. 80812
# sign
Pin  No. 1
and # sign

Second No., if problems, Rm No. 97989

All are welcome, members, survivors, friends,  encouraged to call and join in the conversation.      

Join us!

GSP's Seriously Questioned in Supreme Court U.S.  very pertinent. 

Google threatens to leave the U.S. Chamber of Commerce  

Let's talk !

 Please join Nigel's Tuesday Evening Calls, 11pm, EST
Room No. 81062 Good discussions.  Intelligent conversation.  

Helpful Neuro Feedback
from Cindy

Cindy in Washington State, helpful on dealing with and overcoming abuses, has sent this information, which is very positve.

She has sent some sites which use neuro feed back as a means to reverse the effects of some of this.  She suggests LENS, which is "Low Energy Neuro Feedback Systems".  Their site is:  www.LENS  It uses neuro feedback to regain balance in the system.  It's use is considered a "grid exit", which can give positive results. 

There is a suggestion that an EEG machine may also be helpful in the overall effort. 

And we again recommend "healing beats" at their site which is a free internet source for recordings which work towards balancing the brain.  Some of us are using this and it seems good. 

Thanks Cindy and please, keep up the good work. 

Again, these are suggestions, and we are not  making, nor have responsibility for, any medical claims concerning these devices. 
Kelb Exchange

Our Kelb Exchange is constructed to provide support, help and exchange, barter capabilities for our members and survivors.  Members may buy, sell, exchange, swap, or help, with services, goods, transportation and other needs through this "exchange".  The payment need not always be monetary, it can be services in kind or other agreed arrangements.  It is created for our members, participating survivors and other groups with similar mission statements.

We will post the information and some of the situation (as the person allows or wishes) here and provide a method to reach out and exchange, here.

Contact members are Lynn: email:, Judith: email: Survivors wishing to work on this committee, please contact Lynn or Judith.

All  arrangements are made and exist solely between the members or survivors or friends.  Kelb has no responsibility or liability in fulfilling agreements or enacting informal or formal contracts between parties.

These are recent updates on our Kelb Exchange,October,2011.

Rosemary in the western area of Pennsylvania seeks help, support with funding for basics, food, household goods, necessities.  She has recently moved into a house in PA and all funds were spent on moving. Ten or twenty dollars can help quite a bit.
  If you can help, or would like to rent a room, please call her or contact Lynn or Judi.

Chris in NC is in need of $200 to repair damage to his van from an accident.  He believes he was targeted and hit.  Please contact Chris at or Lynn at

Sheila in Florida, has a current and very immediate need concerning car repairs.  We are trying to collect a fairly large sum (under $1100), to help her repair her car, which she hasn't been able to use for the past year to shop, for doctor's visits, visits to friends, and other necessary part of life. She is living in a part of Florida that is not on a bus line and not having her car working, is making surviving and her life unnecessarily difficult.  If you can help with $10,or $20 or more, we are building it into a fund, to get this repair completed.  It will be truly appreciated. 

Mary on the West Coast of Canada has a respite/safe house with rooms to rent, especially for survivors.  Please contact her at: windinthetrees

IItems which may be helpful: (Thank you, Elly)

1.  Nuclear Anti Radiation Tablets KIO3 170 mg Potassium Iodate (20.00)
by Anti Radiation Tablets KIO3

Potassium is always good to take for your kind of  attacks
2.  Israeli Civilian Gas Mask w/ Nato Filter (25.00) (don’t see the attachment that I was talking about, maybe it was something that came straight from Israel – I would have to find that list from the trip – if I can)
3. Israeli Army Gas Mask Filter (20.00? - there are two, see the newer model with advance expiration date)
4. Water filtration pill kit (20.00)
5.  Cell Phone & Small Appliance EMF Anti-Radiation Protector Strip (8.00)
by Quantum BioPhysics

the Israelis want to make money, so they sell them through Amazon – but it is the Russian elite that designed most of this stuff to save their own hide....there is another American guy who lives in the woods and was preparing for nuclear war, he had some great survival gear, expensive and made from found materials – this was some time ago that I looked into his info – still the Israelis would be  a little more advanced based on what I said previously..

Be careful, a lot of these equipment that the Israelis have came from somewhere else (namely Russia), make sure you check the date on them or consider that there is a time limit and order ones which have a future expiration date)

Be well, and, may peace be still, El

If any links do not open, please paste them in your browser and open.


We are moving forwards and your support has been essential.  Five dollars, $10, $20 go a long way in the work, we are doing, and will continue to do. Dropping a small donation into the the mail, addressed to the address below, will help tremendously.  So many of us, are working very hard, often night and day.  We will get there.  With all of us, right there, with us. 
But we do need your help.

      Yearly memberships are $16.

     Donations are gratefully accepted for Kelb,
Keep The Ethical Light Burning, Inc.,  at the paypal website:
Either open a new account or access your account at :  Please use the email address: or  Our address below, is the address for mailed donations for checks, money orders or cash (wrapped).  Please contact us by email for our bank account information for transmissions and mail-ins.

      Thank you so much for all of your support.


 National and International Membership

New York City * Buffalo * New York State
Florida * Michigan * California
Washington * Georgia * Illinois
Ohio * New Mexico * Kentucky * Texas
Arizona * London * Paris * Brussels * Montreal * Quebec City 
Toronto * Nanaimo * Quadra * Vancouver
USA * Canada * Britain * France * Belgium
Greece * India * China

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