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Monday, November 14, 2011

Mrs. Hillary Viers

Name: Michael Shaneyfelt
               2487 Martin Road
               Birmingham Alabama 35235

Home Phone: ( 205 ) -000-0000
Cell Phone       ( 205 ) -000-0000
Email Address

To: The Presidential Bioethics Commission

Mrs. Hillary Viers

Dear Mrs. Viers,

I talked at the last meeting that Presidential Bioethics Commission that the President had in Washington D.C. I told the Presidential Bioethics Commission. That I was a victim that is being assaulted by a person named                          Eric S Phillips. Who stole a Military Auditory Weapon from the United States Navy.

I have been in contact with the Navy Criminal Investigation Department in Memphis Tennessee. And  I have talked to Agent Nick Carlo ( 901 ) – 874-5387. And I have been talking to the (NCIS) sense 2005. I started out talking to  Agent Harrison in 2005.  I wanted the Bioethics Commission to know that I sent the ( NCIS ) the same information I gave to the Presidential Bioethics Commission.

When I talked to Agent Nick Carlo he had me talk to his Commanding Officer. The (NCIS) had me to call the Joint Terrorism Task Force in Jacksonville Florida. The (NCIS) told me that I was being attacked and assaulted by a person that had stolen a (Weapon of Mass Destruction) from the United States Navy. So I called the (JTTF-FBIRA) (904) -248-7000.  And I talked to the Agent on Duty and I told them about what I told the Presidential Bioethics Commission and they had me call a (JTTF-FBIRA) in Pensacola Florida.

The first thing the Agent in Pensacola Florida, Agent John Cannon (850)-432-3476 asked me was how big of a Auditory Weapon did the Dishonorable Discharged Navy Nuclear Sub Diver Pilot (Eric S. Phillips) stole from the United States Navy.

I am a American Citizen that is being tortured every day and I have faced Death several times! Because of the Trained American Naval Seaman that stole an Auditory Weapon from the United States Naval Defense Department in Pensacola Florida. And Eric S Phillips is using this Military Weapon to Torture and Kill American Citizens and get away with killing me and other Americans with out getting caught. And I Mrs. Viers, I (Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt) am a person that is being tortured by a Trained American Navy Seaman! I have all my Medical Reports that show that I have been a victim for over for six years now. I just want the Presidential Bioethics Commission to know that I have contacted the (FBI JTTF) and the (NCIS) and was told that I was being attacked assaulted and tortured by a person that has a Military Weapon of Mass Destruction.

Please contact me if you need anything from me.                                                                                                          I want you and (The Presidential Bioethics Commission) to know that I am a victim. That is being experimented on and assaulted against my will. And a EX- Navy Seaman (Eric S. Phillips) is using a stolen Military Auditory Weapon that the (NCIS) told me that it is a Military Weapon of Mass Destruction and is being used on me!      

Michael Shaneyfelt

Hey Everyone,just thought I would show everyone what I sent out to the Presidential Commission of the Bioethics Commission of the United States. Every thing I wrote is the truth.

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