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Thursday, November 17, 2011


Hey Everyone,

I just been having a good day today. I hope everyone is having a great time today.This might be a little off the direction I was on. But it is the truth so help me God.

I have been having a good day because I have not felt any internal pain today. I think that Eric Phillips and his group is backing away off me. Because the FBI in Pensacola Florida, and the Naval Criminal Investigation Service may be in contact with Eric S Phillips and they have arrested him. For the theft of what he stole from the United States Naval Military Defense Department Weapons.

1) Bags of Naval Bio-Chips
2)Bags of Naval Microchips
The naval bags Eric S Phillips showed to me with the items I have listed had the items United States stock codes on the outside of the bags The bags were plastic and sealed on both ends and the bags had the united states stock code on the bags. the color of the bags were a greenish blue. the writing of the untied states navy code stock numbers on the bags was written in black.
3) Naval Military Auditory Weapon (WMD)

My Name is Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt. I have been tortured by a group of people that have a military directed energy weapon , That transmits scaler waves, electromagnetic ionizing radiation.(EMF) very low frequencies VLF.waves..

I feel a form of energy being fired off inside of me everyday. The main point of energy in my body always fires up in my back left shoulder right behind my heart,

The United States Joint Terrorism Task Force of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (JTTF-FBI-RA) Agent John Cannon. Told me that based on all my medical records. And what the agent knew about the items Eric S Phillips stole from the United States Navy.

He told me that I had been implanted with a naval bio-chip.And Eric S Phillips did stab a needle like object into my left shoulder, Then a few months after he stabbed something into my left shoulder. A cyst did start too form up in that area that Eric S Phillips stabbed me in I had the cyst removed I have shown my medical records to the JTTF-FBIRA and the Agent told me that was all caused by the implantation of the bio-chip into my body. It would cause a build up of fat cells and form up into the way it did a cyst. .

 Agent John Cannon said to me that the cyst was what let him know Eric S Phillips had implanted with a naval bio-chip

But I have had many (MRIs,) (Cat Scans) (X-rays) (Ultrasounds) and so on. And my doctors have told me that they have not seen a bio chip implant inside of me.. But the JTTF-FBI-RA tells me I have been implanted.


I know I am a victim I know I have done everything by the law I have reported to all FBI, ICE,JTTF, CIS, NSA,NAVY, Jefferson County Police Department, and all of the people that are in office of government. But the only thing I have seen any of them do is nothing! Eric S Phillips and his group of  perpetrators. have a Military Weapon and are using the weapon on american's citizens and they are paying a couple of cops off here in Birmingham and in Jefferson County.


They have pulled back off of me but still are just waiting to see what I have done to make any federal agent do anything. The Law is the law but there are two sides to that. GOOD OR BAD. Federal Government.has not done anything I mean (Nothing).

 I wake up and a feel the electrical EMF radio wave transmissions firing off  inside of me everyday.                                              THE LAW IS BEING BROKEN. But I think of what I have seen and they have showed me and I am talking about the federal government and the local law. This game is going to stop one day.. SOON....... and its not going to be nothing done to stop this form of terrorism. The law is going to do their job I pray they do....

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