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Thursday, November 10, 2011

SCOTUS On GPS, Still Lags Far Behind Technology

Hey Everyone, a friend of mine sent me this . It is said to say but this world is changing into a have to know need to see need to to watch type of world.

This is what a friend of mine thinks and so do I....... 

SCOTUS On GPS, Still Lags Far Behind Technology

Too bad that the US court system is decades behind technology. For the past 40 years crime families and Communists embedded in local, state and US government agencies kept me under 24 hour surveillance. Orwell's Big Brother arrived in my life and has not left. That is and was bad. Those who make the laws are mostly clueless about available technology which is also capable of tormenting humans from adjacent buildings and floors of buildings. Technology can go through walls. Thermal imaging was addressed by the Court in KYLLO V. UNITED STATES (99-8508) 533 U.S. 27 (2001) 190 F.3d 1041, reversed and remanded. Some states (MA, MI and ME) have laws making use of some devices which emit electromagnetic radiation, ultra sound and other beams or waves. US Code makes exposing a human to radiation punishable by a fine of $2 million. But local police refuse to address such abuses. Instead local police, crime families, FBI informants and Communists use the technology to control, to provoke and to discredit their targets. Psychiatric criminals join crime families and Communists to destroy people, for personal, political and economic reasons. The US Constitution falls and fails to protect individuals being tormented by government criminals who use new technology.
[From article]
"A Supreme Court justice on Tuesday expressed major concerns that the government would engage in round-the-clock surveillance reminiscent of the totalitarian world of the George Orwell novel 1984 if the court ruled in the government's favor."

Justice Breyer warns of Orwellian government
By Sarah Peters -
The Hill
11/08/11 04:13 PM ET 

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