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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Set up on V2K

                 The things that they have said to me some how

July 29, 2006
It started on July 29 2006.
Around about ten, thirty at night and they started with harassing me around 10:30pm to 4:00-5:00am in the morning.

August 1, 2006
They were hiding in the woods beside my home
Saying things like they where going to kill me, saying things like (white power) (white power). I called the cops but every time I called the police, they would get here. And the people would be gone. they had a police scanner they were using. I called the police and they would take off running around my house saying that they were going to kill me then take off running before the law got to my house.

July 31, 2006
I called the cops and filed a Uniform Incident Offense Report that night someone came by my house and yelled out that they knew someone that that wanted to kill me.
Reporting officer -C. Chapman
ID Number-1255 Case # 060710944 Date filed July 31, 2006

Things stopped for a short time and no one was coming around my house yelling out anything. Saying things like I know someone who wants to kill you? we are going to kill you for the Lemaster family? Spike wants his fathers gun back? Eric Phillips is now the white knight of the Lemaster’s family? He is going to kill you to protect the money that Mrs. Paine does not want to pay you (LIE) she does not want to pay you because you are a bad person.
this sound crazy I know but this was the way they started out

 August 2, 2006
They came back around on August 2, 2006 they started back with harassing me. And on August 3, 2006 Aug 6,7,8,9,10,13,14 I did not write any thing down but those are the dates they was harassing, stalking, and setting me up for V2K transmissions.

August 15, 2006
  I remember this one night they were transmitting out questions to me, they wanted me to answer for them. They asked me things about my past life. Things about my children, they mainly asked question about Michael Andrew Davis (Drew).The number one question is and was about (Money) or Mrs. Paine.

They transmitted over at me using V2k claiming that they were cops and that they had a warrant for my arrest. They transmitted at me saying that they were Officer Ed Brasher who is a Sheriff who works for Jefferson County Sheriff Department. They transmitted saying they had some papers that they need and wanted me to sign.

The papers that they wanted me to sign they claimed would turn over my retirement to them and Drew and would make Eric S Phillips my trusty. He would be over all that Mrs. Paine leaves to me.( LIE) I would not trust Eric with anything. They saying they had papers that I had to sign. That makes me think. That the forms was from Mrs. Paine or  Amerex Corporation.

 Because the retirement that Mrs. Paine had set up for me was through Amerex Corporation. Did take place in Mrs. Paine’s office at Amerex. So the forms they were transmitting they had had to be one of the two. Mrs. Goldie Paine or Amerex Corporation.

They transmitted that they were going to split it up between themselves. They said that they wanted my retirement. They transmitted at me saying that the retirement was worth twenty five Million dollars?

Officer Brasher transmitted a scream out for his deputies saying they wanted a million dollars a piece

that was going to come out of my retirement and  be paid to them . He transmitted saying that there were five of them so that was five million. I owed to his deputies. Officer Brasher wanted ten million dollars from my retirement for him and he said my children I have a son that makes $800.00 a week and a daughter that is married .He wanted me to sign it over to just to him. But a cat has to have a toy. The same way a person needs a reason.

 A old game I have they want. They transmit over red light, green light. I am suppose to stop and go. When this is transmitted ( But Fuck Them)

They Transmitted on me same time frame 10:30 pm to 4-5 am every night.But this night was over money and that was it. They transmitted that there were a couple of other people that waned two million dollars a piece for want they have done. And out of  twenty five million that would leave me six million dollars. He said that was all I was owed out of my agreements I had made with Mrs. Goldie Paine rin 1986.

They transmitted all night at me over the agreements and the retirement plane I felt like tell them to call the
U.S Department of Labor 1-866-444-3272
 That night they were doing something that was strange. They where talking to one, another and they had stopped asking me question and then I heard someone ask me

“Can you hear me” then I would hear someone say to someone else to go on back little further and ask him again. Then after a few minutes. I heard someone say again “can you hear me” then I would hear another person say go on back a little further and then ask him again. Then A few minutes later I  heard someone ask me again “can you hear me” and I would always say yes “I can hear you” then I would hear the other  person down the road from my house say “ can he hear me” and the other people would  tell him “yes he has heard you every time”

This was when they first got V2K tone in on me.

 Every since this happen with  A girl I know who was in the middle of a few things her name is Lindsey and Her Sister and Lindsey mother moved out of their house that Eric S Phillips used has a set up transmission station form set that one point then pull back.
August 15, 2006

That Morning I went to talk to my brother at Brookwood Hospital (Roger Shaneyfelt). I told him about what had happen to me that night?

August 14, 2006
 The people that were harassing me that night had no idea where I was. A friend of mine saw three men and one woman by my house on the 16th around 1-3am. My friend is a ex- Birmingham police officer.

I think that they did not have me fully toned in on V2K. I was in the hospital and they were here looking around my house trying to figure out where I was. That is why my friend saw them at my house looking around.

He told me the day I came home from the hospital August 26 the day after I got out of the hospital I talked to my friend about the men and the woman he saw.

 August the fifteenth. When I talked to my brother Roger about what had happen and what I went through during the set up stage of V2K the moment that took them time to do. But they use it everyday on me. I am working with the law too stop this form of terrorism that is real. This is a subject everyone needs to know about Electromagnetic auditory weapons, Microwave Warfare, Directed Energy Weapons, GPS location Devices, Cell Phones.

This is just a way that helps me fight with what I am facing. But what I am telling everyone about is the truth so help me GOD. Eric S Phillips stole a few items from the United States Navy and is using these items on American Citizens.

I have a lot of days I have wrote down. but this night was when they first started using the weapon Eric Stole from the Navy on me. He stabbed me in my back with something around 2003-2004. I had to have a cyst removed from my shoulder from him stabbing me with something.

Just start looking into everything because a new world is growing around us. They are using the freedom of air to slowly kill me and several others many victims I cannot even count how many victims there are in this world. I have chatted and talked to many people victims from all over the United States. Do me a big favor and look up the words dealing with electromagnetic auditory weapons read and learn what this world really could become.

Eric S Phillips this is me Micahel Anthony Shaneyfelt telling you I have turned you into thr Joint Terrorism Task Force of the United States JTTF -FBIRA

Eric S Phillips you need to cal one of this people and find out what I have told them about. I know you are going by it takes two. I have got many.

Eric S Phillips

Law Departments  and   Phone Numbers

Federal Bureau of Investigation 
1000 18th St .N 
Birmingham, AL 35203
To: Joint Terrorism Task Force
Attn: Agent on Duty

Federal Bureau of Investigation                                                   
Jacksonville Division Headquarters
6061 Gate Parkway
Jacksonville, Florida 32256
Attn: Joint Terrorism Task Force

Federal Bureau of Investigation
125 West Romana Streets, Suite 650
Pensacola, Florida 32502
To: Joint Terrorism Task Force
Attn: Agent on Duty

NCISRA Memphis TN                                                                 
5722 Integrity Drive
Milling ton, TN 38054-5058
 Attn: Agent Cannon

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office                                                 
2200 Eight Ave. North
Birmingham Alabama 35203
 Attn: Mike Hale


  1. I was walking home tonight and I saw someone hiding in the dark waiting for me. I believe that someone is trying to kill me. I am a V2K victim.

    -Kok Seng chua

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