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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


traitor (plural traitors)
  1. One who violates his allegiance and betrays his/her country; one guilty of treason; one who, in breach of trust, delivers his country to an enemy, or yields up any fort or place intrusted to his defense, or surrenders an army or body of troops to the enemy, unless whenvanquished; also, one who takes arms and levies war against his country; or one who aids an enemy in conquering his country.
  2. Hence, one who betrays any confidence or trust; a betrayer                                                                                                  

Eric S Phillips is a traitor of the United States. In 1999-2000 Eric S Phillips showed me some naval bio-chips naval microchips and told me the microchips were for a auditory weapon. He told me how the auditory weapon would affect a humans body. 

1)      Types of Health Problems
·         Respiratory Problems
·         Neurological problems
                                1. Impaired cognitive ability
                                2. Impaired motor skills
                                3. Trouble walking
                                4. Memory Problems
                                5. fibromyalgia
                                6. restless leg syndrome
·         Nausea
·         Sleep deprivation, fatigue
·         Uncontrollable shaking
·         Loss of sight
·         Loss of hearing
·         Loss of hair
·         Scalp and skin diseases
·         Body burns and marks
·         Multi- chemical sensitivity
·         Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
·         Stress related Diseases
·         Asthma  
·         Impaired immune system
·         Increased sympathetic nervous system activity                       
·         Alzheimer’s
·         Parkinson’s
·         Cancer
·         Multiple Sclerosis
·         Stroke
·         Aneurysm
·         Heart Attack
·         Suicides 

Then he told me that he could kill a person and get away with it. I think that he has already used the weapon that he stole from the United States Navy Defense Department in 1990 or in 1991.
Eric S Phillips is a traitor of the United States and he is being paid to stalk, harass, torture, and kill america's people over something that happen back in 1985-1986. And that was a lawsuit over embezzlement. The matter was taken care of in court. And there are records of this in the Birmingham Court House room 500 to prove this. But Eric S Phillips thinks he has the right to help this company keep what they stole from hundreds of people back in the 80s.. This is why he has been using the weapon he stole from the United States Navy on me for over eight years now or longer.

this is what Eric S Phillips was when he was in the United States Navy. He was a Nuclear Submarine Pilot. Eric S Phillips told me that a friend of his in the navy and him were arrested in Pensacola Florida for possession of drugs.  

Eric S Phillips told me that he was discharged from the Navy because of his arrest. Eric S Phillips told me that the man who was arrested with him in Pensacola Florida. Helped him steal the bio-chips, microchips, and a naval weapons from the United States Navy.

Eric S Phillips told me that the person told him that the Navy had taken themselves from Eric S Phillips. So Eric had the right to take the items he stole from the Navy. The man told him to go out into the United States and stalk, harass, torture and kill american's to make Eric some money


 Eric S Phillips has almost killed me several times. With the weapon he stole from the United States Navy. The sad part about it is. It's all over money that was stolen by Amerex Corporation back in the 80s. from hundreds of their employees. That trusted Amerex Corporation. But the company stole the money out of everyone's payroll with out any of us knowing about it.

This mater is being handle by the United States NCISRA and the JTTF-FBIRA 

Eric S Phillips

You need to cal the NCISRA or the JTTF-FBIRA because I have told them everything you showed to me and told me about. Here is there phone numbers if you have not already got them.

Law Departments  and   Phone Numbers

Federal Bureau of Investigation
1000 18th St N, 
Birmingham, AL 35203
To: Joint Terrorism Task Force
Attn: Agent on Duty

Federal Bureau of Investigation                                                   
Jacksonville Division Headquarters
6061 Gate Parkway
Jacksonville, Florida 32256
Attn: Joint Terrorism Task Force

Federal Bureau of Investigation
125 West Romana Streets, Suite 650
Pensacola, Florida 32502
To: Joint Terrorism Task Force
Attn: Agent John Cannon

NCISRA Memphis TN                                                                 
5722 Integrity Drive
Milling ton, TN 38054-5058
 Attn: Agent David  Cannon

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office                                                 
2200 Eight Ave. North
Birmingham Alabama 35203
 Attn: Mike Hale

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