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Thursday, November 10, 2011

victims in alabama

November 10 2011
Naval Criminal Investigation Services.
Subject Agent David Cannon Memphis TN Branch
My name is Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt, I am writing you to ask for a copy of the complaints that was filed with Agent David Cannon in Memphis NCISRA.
Agent David Cannon called me informing me that is was asked to open a investigation up on the theft of.
1)      Naval Bio-chips
2)      Naval Military Microchips
3)      Naval Military microwave auditory weapon (WMD)
I am the witness and the victim in the case. For me to protect myself I must have a copy of the military complaints that was written by Agent David Cannon and Agent Jim Harrison and Agent Nick Carlo 1-901-874-5389
I want to go to the sheriff department and file out a warrant for the arrest of Eric S Phillips. But I need the complaints that have been filed with the NCISRA Memphis TN,
March the 7TH I was told by the NCISRA that the weapons Eric S Phillips stole was (WMD)
I thank you for your time. Please contact me on if I will receive complaints that I am asking the NCISRA for,

Thank You
Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt
2487 Martin Road
Birmingham Alabama 35235
H# 1-205-000-0000
C# 1-205-000-0000
FOIA requests may be mailed, e-mailed or faxed to the following:
Naval Criminal Investigative Service Headquarters (Code 00LJF)
27130 Telegraph Road
Quantico, VA  22134-2253
(571) 305-9092 

To :
Federal Bureau of Investigations Regional Area Division
I have talked to and have filed a complaint with Agent John Cannon,
Over a man who stole military weapon from a naval base in Pensacola Florida.
I have filed a complaint with the NCISRA Memphis TN Agent David Cannon 1-901-514-5389
I am needing if you are able to. I need a copy of the complaint that I talked and filed with Agent John Cannon JTTF-FBIRA 1-850-432-3476
If there is any problems in a discloser please call me or write me
Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt 
2487 Martin Road
Birmingham Alabama 35235
H# 1-205-000-000
C# 1-205-00-0000
I am needing this information for my own use.

Thank You
Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt

Hey Everyone , Do you think I have the right to know if the military or the government is going to do anything to help us at all. I have named a few people that are victims just like I am a victim that has medical reports to back up my claim. The Naval Criminal Investigation Service (NCISRA) has told me that the weapon. Eric S Phillips stole from the United States Navy Defense Department is a Weapon of Mass Destruction a  (WMD) The Joint Terrorism Task Force  (JTTF-FBIRA) told me that. Based on my medical reports that I gave to them. They told me that they think that Eric S Phillips stole United States Navy Military implantable bio-chips. I was told this by Agent John Cannon. Who told me that I had been stabbed by Eric S Phillips and he implanted a bio-chip into my body. A naval bio-chip. The Joint Terrorist Task Force of the United States Agent said this to me on March 7th 2011. So I am asking them to send me reports of my the complaints that I filed with the NCISRA and the JTTF-FBIRA for just copies of the complaints that I filed with the  JTTF-FBIRA and the NCISRA on March 7th 2011.

So all of you can believe that it is just old me Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt  just writing and telling the truth. Because Eric S Phillips has a weapon that he stole that can kill me or you or who ever he wants to. And Eric S Phillips thinks him and a group of people he has trained in microwave warfare are going to get away with it. Because Eric S Phillips showed me his RFID chip that he stole from the Navy. And told me that he had taken all his military information from the United States Navy. Eric S Phillips told me in 2000 that he cold kill anyone he wanted and no one would ever know he killed the person. It is just a form of terrorist ways that Eric S Phillips has put here in Alabama to kill people with Eric S Phillips stole from the United States Navy Defense Department. And that is the truth.

The Government asked me how large of a transmission weapon did Eric S Phillips have . I told them I did not know. But I felt a strong charge in Washington D.C after I gave testimony to the President Bioethics Commission. The charge made me feel a strong charge of energy around my heart and chest area. And I live in Alabama. The FBI asked me to find other victims like me in Alabama. So I did I have talk to five other victims like myself here in the state of Alabana. And have turned this letter I have posted up to every person in the government law and all the Agents I have talked to.

So do you think I done the right thing?

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