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Friday, November 18, 2011

White House Petition # ONE

Everybody take the time to sign this! You have to go to your email and open an email from the site and click a link to go back to vote. Please take the time to do it. This petition, if enough signatures are gathered, will get the FBI onto helping us!

This was posted on facebook by a friend of mine. Her name is Susan Littleton. Me and her met on facebook. She is a victim they same way I am. She and I both are victims of Military EMF Microwave Auditory Weapons. And the strange thing about her and I is that we only live one mile from each other. The Terrorist Group that was formed here in the State of Alabama by a traitor of the United States Eric S. Phillips. Just don,t attack disable people over a Retirement fund that was set up for me by Mrs. Goldie Paine. He is also attacking woman and children. This Traitor of the United States Navy stole Naval Bio Chips, and Naval Microchips and a Naval Auditory weapon. That the Naval Criminal Investigation told me it was a Weapon of Mass Destruction. Eric S. Phillips calls his self the White Knight that defense Mrs Goldie Paine and her Family from paying there debits that they owe. I am a Victim because I made contract agreements over a Lawsuit that was based on Amerex Corporation Embezzling money from me and all their employees in 1985-1986. I shared information with Mrs Paine that her family thinks I should be killed over. Would it not be a good thing to just kill the people you owe and never have to pay them. Eric S. Phillips has a stolen Naval Military Weapon that the Naval Criminal Investigation Service told me it was a Weapon of Mass Destruction. And he is using this weapon on people that one family in Trussville pick out for him. So if you need some one to take away what you owe. Just call Eric S Phillips he will use the Weapon of War that he stole from the United States Navy and kill the people you owe.But if you are against this form of Domestic Terrorism then go to the site above and sign the petition and stop people like Eric S. Phillips and his Domestic Terrorist Group from killing and harming Man, Woman, Children and all American Citizens. My name is Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt  I stand for Freedom and what is Right. I hope you are like me a True American that is wanting to change the direction of this State of Alabama and the United States. Please go to the site and sign the petition and dont let terrorist like Eric S. Phillips go free in killing Human life with a  Naval Microwave Auditory Weapon he stole from the United States Naval Defense Department in Pensacola Florida. Let us all take a stand and stop this abuse of power.

1 comment:

  1. i am guilherme schroeter

    i become victim of gangstalking in los angeles
    criminals receiving monay to destroy my name my health reputation
    i was contaminated with morgellons (chemtrails) after with eletronic torture by helicopters and other aircrafts, united states become
    a land controlled by psicopaths?

    Zionists is behind all this ?

    Who will protect us against these criminals?

    Guilherme Schroeter
    victim of electronic torture+morgellons+chip implant