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Friday, November 11, 2011

return it to the navy

Mike, if you know who he is, do you know where he is? 

If this man were dead, could you walk in and take the

 weapon back from him yourself and return it to th navy?

 If the law can't act, perhaps you could help resolve this.

 If you are sure it is not mental illness

 ( I believe you for the most part as I and my girlfriend are

 victims for 2 years now. )

 something to ask yourself before you go to his house and 

retrieve the device by force is this; 

if we are victims as well and we are, and we live in ny,

 then who is doing this to us? There appear to be 

hundreds of victims around the

 world that this is happening to so it must be bigger 

than one guy with a stolen device.

 I say take the device yourself. 

If they are going to kill u anyway consider

 being a hero.+

 I just think it's way bigger than one guy with a stolen device.

 Good luck god bless

By timothytrespas on 

Naval human implantable bio-chips at 2:54 

Timothy, I am a victim iwas told and shown

a few things by Eric S Phillips back 

1999-2000 January

I know I am a victim and congress has told

me I have grounds to file a assault charge

Against Eric S Phillips but I can not say

by what type of weapon.

I knew that was crazy.

So I went to Washington and told them about the weapon,

But they cut half of my testimony in Washington.

Iam going to get this man soon. Iam just going by the law

for right now then take action in time. Thank you for your  

blessing same to you Timothy....

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